NEW Start Date Soming Soon!!

In 8-Weeks:

We will meet 2x week on a private Facebook live session


Weekly homework for accountability and habit re-design


And you will learn all of the intricacies to make your workouts and food plans easier to manage, yet successful for life


PS. At the very end, you will meet with me live or via skype for a private one-on-one session to make sure you are right on track!


Join Miami Moms Blog Contributor, Adita Lang as she coaches you to...Lose Weight, Feel Energized, and make a few NEW Friends and Lifestyle Habits to Live By!

Your SuperPower 8-Week Body Transformation Starts NOW! 

Let's face it, traditional "Diets" don't work.  I believe in a "Livet, a program that gives you the tools and habits to live by.  This should not be complicated, it should fit seamlessly into your day to day.


In 8-weeks I will coach you to recognize the challenges you have had in the past with your health and weight loss and make new habits to leave those behind.

Meeting 2x per week for 8-Weeks on Facebook.

NEW START DATE coming soon.

In 8-weeks...

  • Customize a lifestyle food plan that works for you

  • Create the right workouts that meet the needs of your day

  • Set-up your kitchen for success

  • And so much more. 


The goal is to re-design and re-engineer your daily habits so that they enhance your health, energy, and wellbeing everyday!


IMPORTANT...If keeping to the Facebook live schedule is a challenge, everything will be recorded so that you can participate at a time that works for you.  And... I'm a phone call away if you need an extra boost.

Purchase your copy of SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness today and create an 8-week transformational journey to live by!



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