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"SuperPowers: A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness" fully lives up to the promise of Adita Yrizarry-Lang with respect to sharing her impressive insights into how women can become the very best that is in them, deal successfully with whatever stresses life tries to impose upon them, and improve the quality of their lives from themselves and their loved ones no matter what their current circumstances might be. With special attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and simple happiness despite life's complexities, "SuperPowers" is especially and unreservedly recommended for personal and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections. Read More


Feeling swamped, overwhelmed, tired but still need to get stuff done? in Adita Yrizarry-Lang’s book The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health & Happiness: Super Powers she discusses nutrition, exercise, sleep, and happiness, proving you can achieve all these things with the right guidance. The book is filled with affirmations, tips, recipes, workouts and more! Helping the reader tap into their Super Powers is her goal to know that happiness and wellness is an achievable goal. Read More


Looking for a gift for a loved one or yourself this holiday season? Look no further, Super Powers: The Busy Woman's Guide to Health & Happiness is a great choice. This book is FILLED with everything you need to tackle life head-on, stay healthy, eat well, feel energized, and create your own happiness. Adita emphasizes the importance of putting yourself first- after all if you don't who will? If you make yourself a priority you can then motivate & help everyone around you. Filled with nutrition advice, recipes, workouts, plans for success, relaxation techniques, and a complete action plan, this is a great read! Read More


This book is very helpful and offers lots of ways to have more energy and become a stronger more focused woman. I enjoy some of the recipes that had listed in excited to try a few of them. Read More



I could go into lots of details about this book, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on reading it for yourself, enjoying the writing prompts, comic book-inspired images, and the thought put into how this book was designed and laid out for a busy woman on the go. You will have to pick up a copy for yourself. But what I will tell you is that the Food & Nutrition portion is informative, yet not overwhelming. The recipes are easy to make and will not break the bank. The Exercise & Movement is simple and effective to get you and keep you, in the habit of moving daily. The Happiness & Joy section will make you smile and reconnect with what aligns with your life and core values. And finally, the Sleep & Relaxation (Zen) section is something we could all use a bit more of. Read More




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