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As a mom of 2, my time can become very limited but I want you to reach out to me and I want to help.  Sometimes a request may not need my direct attention, for this reason I have a fabulous team that helps me filter everything through.  If you don’t hear back directly from me, I know that my team is reaching out to you to get you the information you need in a timely manner.  Below are a few guides to make your requests as efficient as possible.

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Product Support: For any questions or concerns about our online store and products, Please CLICK HERE

Technical Support: Customers experiencing technical issues with our websites or web services and applications, Please CLICK HERE

Nutrition and Workout Questions: For questions about any of my e-books, Nutritional Coach Training Programs, On-demand video Subscriptions, workouts, or program downloads, please use the Contact Form above.

Availability: I am available for Speaking Engagements, Certifications and Workshops, Live Workshops, Product Endorsements (after evaluation), and Guest Appearances. Please contact me here with as much detail as possible. If it is of interest to us, my brand manager or publicist will be in touch.  To see my CV CLICK HERE


Product Endorsements, Sponsorship, and Joint Marketing Opportunities:  Every product that I endorse on my site or social media platforms is something that I personally use and love. If you are interested in having me evaluate your product, line or service and feature them on my site, videos, social media platforms or blog please contact support through this form. If it is something of interest my brand manager will be in touch with you.  


Re-Posting: Share away…Sharing is Caring! You do not need my permission to share or re-post my blogs as long as blogs are posted in its entirety, referenced back to my website and social media pages, and include the following text:  Adita Lang, America's #1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, the author of SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness.  She is a leading authority on Holistic Health through Exercise and Nutrition.  If you are ready for a change and want to ramp up your SuperPowers, receive tips NOW at


Images: All of my images are copyrighted and the property of me, my sponsors, and the photographers involved. You DO NOT have permission to use my images to endorse your products or services.


Please keep e-mails Short and to the Point:  We all have crazy lives and it is my goal that you receive all of the help that you need from me and my team.  For this reason PLEASE keep your emails short and to the point, we are great at returning emails within 48hrs, but if they are too lengthy you may not hear back from us that soon.  Please value my time as I value yours!


Sometimes auto-correct can get the best of us, please be sure that your email is entered correctly.  I receive several delivery failures because of misspelled email addresses and I would hate for you to think that I did not return your request.


Also, be SURE to check your JUNK / SPAM box for the reply, especially if you have Hotmail or yahoo, And ADD to your ‘safe list’ so it goes to your inbox.  Step-by-step instructions are HERE

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