Meet Me, Adita

"Our story brings about the aspect which makes us who we are today, a compilation of our values, passions, and inspirations that we can hopefully pass on to others."  I call myself a "SuperPower aficionado" because my journey has taught me how incredible our SuperPowers really are!

My Story

I started this “Journey” as a certified fitness instructor 30+ years ago (but I am not old, so don't judge). Since I started I expanded my endeavors to specialize in everything from biomechanics and resistance training expert to nutritional guru, mind-body serenity coach to author and women’s advocate for healthy living (yes, I realize that is a total mouthful!).

I taught my first class at 16 and taught at my first fitness conference at 18.  The world opened itself up from there, I had accounts reaching from the US to Hong Kong, to Spain and beyond, I maintained a constant global travel schedule teaching both classes and lectures to thousands of fitness professionals on everything imaginable “fitness” (can you tell I love what I do?).

My Education

During this same time, school was just as important, I studied exercise physiology at the University of Miami and finished everything off with a Bachelors degree in Holistic Nutrition from The Clayton College of Natural Medicine.  All while attending other various specialty programs and teaching for the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

With my parents as medical doctors, preventative health became my gig and although I had never considered myself a writer...I began writing for several health and fitness publications. I become the “go to” expert for writing and developing specialty program training manuals, which led me to present for universities, Fortune 500 companies, educational conferences, and professional associations.

When Life Throws you a Curve Ball...

SuperPowers of this magnitude illuminate, and then there are always the few twists and turns life likes to share. Somewhere in the midst of it all, a car accident broke my vertebra and, although I recovered rather quickly, it left me looking at life with fresh eyes (and 2 inches shorter than when I started, but that's a whole different story).  Fitness was still important, but health and wellness became more prevalent than ever.  I began seeing how quality foods, as well as sleep and recovery were a vital component of overall health and vitality. My lectures and writings all began to reflect this new direction and life continued on a new path.

The Birth of SuperPowers

With marriage, 2 amazing kids, and then divorce my SuperPowers were dwindling and I had no idea what to do or how to equalize both.

For SuperPowers to flourish there needs to be a balanced combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and happiness. I began to realize the true meaning of SuperPowers as that “thing”, it is that unstoppable zest for life, the overflowing energy, the Bing, Bang, Boom that makes someone AMAZING.  It’s a tough job, and only the strong do survive, but as with any training regime… you need to train in order to become stronger! I harnessed all of my talents and set out to create a plan that would change how I felt each and every day. I wanted my energy back, I wanted to feel the empowering feeling of helping others, and I wanted to feel great no matter how much was placed in front of me. When you want to motivate and ignite the SuperPowers in others you have to charge yourself up first.

My Mission Now…

Inspire women to live life with their true potential in the forefront. Share the easiest ways of incorporating healthy rituals so that they become lifelong habits. And through social media, blog posts, and video I want to bring out the trials and tribulations of life and offer solutions that can be easily incorporated into daily life to make ones' SuperPowers shine and life thrive on better than ever!







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