Children's Wellness

Feeding your Family for Success

Your Children are your most Prized Accomplishments!

So why is it that many people feel the need to feed their children foods that they would never serve their most esteemed guests?  We are Growing Adults from Scratch so the food choices we make should enhance brain development, immune function, and growth.  This will guarantee you an adult with “unstoppable SuperPowers!”

What you feed you child today affects their foundation  of health for years to come.

Are you looking for the easiest tips and tricks to make the family kitchen run smooth as silk?  Check out my latest publishing...

Feeding your family for health should be the

easiest thing you do!

Do you deal with picky eaters or has junk food become your "go-to" because you don't know what else to do?


Food and Nutrition play an important role and create the basis for the following:

  • Learning & Development

  • Cognitive Thinking

  • Focus

  • Temperament

  • Energy Levels

  • Immune Enhancement

  • Foundational Health for Life


For School and Home Life this translates to the Following:

  • Attention disorders – either on their own or as a diagnosed issue such as ADD or ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities and the inability to concentrate and/or focus

  • Kids who “Act Up” in class  - either for attention or from anger

  • Children who become disinterested in school and activities and/or learning due to low energy levels


Let me teach you to create food plans for your children that are fun and tasty, yet provide a nutritional powerhouse in return. With my coaching and guidance, you will easily be able to substitute many of the less-nutritious favorites for foods that carry a “Nutritional Punch”.  We can set up a group class, family intervention, or even a shopping extravaganza, all for a Happy and Healthy Family Kitchen!



Enhance the Health and Well-being of your entire family and your school with this on-line course and  PTA/PTO Fundraiser!

Nutritional Brilliance Provides:

Nutrition 101

The Myths and Misconceptions of Nutrition and Health

Dieting and Fat Loss

Food Challenges

The 4 Components of Foundational Health

Creating your Customized Livet®

Family Pantry and Meal Prep

PTA/PTO Benefits:

Two Live/Skype 30 minute workshops per year

30% commission on all course sales

Promotional Package for website marketing

School Health Initiative Support


Program Includes:

Five-hour course (taught in 20 min. segments for ease of learning)

Lifetime ownership of entire course

Course app for mobile participation

Access to on-line recipe library

Additional support handouts

And much more



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