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Each year we set out to make changes to make our lives better in one way or another. Some of us make a plan and stick to it and others are too caught up in their day to day to take a step back and create a clear direction. Well, I can’t make a plan for you but I can guide you to make a few simple changes that can maximize your health and well being.

You are the only one who has the power to take charge; You are the only one that can really make a difference in Your Life.

The following points are prepared for you as a guide to assist you on your way. I am here as your coach. One who will inspire, motivate, and promote healthier choices that will keep you on your path to success.

You have the Power….So Run With It!

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Resolutions to Ignite your Health for 2012

(These will make a difference Today, Tomorrow, and for the rest of your Life!)

1. Life gets crazy and we can pass our days on cruise control – Don’t forget to stop and make a priority to do something for YOU – and only YOU – each and every day.

2. Supplements are just that….A supplement to something that you are not getting from your foods. Supplements will not nourish your body at the same level that good, clean foods will!

3. “Fortified” This term came into play about 80 years ago. Chemists would add in high amounts of synthetic nutrients into processed food items to provide needed nutrition to regions that had nothing. Today they “fortify” just about all processed foods because the processing kills off the original nutrients. Unfortunately, since we have a fair amount of nutrients in our systems and are not depleted to the same levels, we do not absorb these added nutrients so the foods become “just calories”.

4. Enzymes – This is our ‘Nutritional Power House”! Enzymes are alive and active in all raw foods and anything dehydrated at 105 degrees or lower. Consider them the computer code that tells your body specifically how to use the nutrients, where to take the fiber, and how to get rid of anything un-needed. When foods are processed or cooked at high temperatures the enzymes are killed off so the body registers the food as calories. These calories are stored or used for immediate energy.

5. According to the Gerson Therapy protocols for cancer and disease, our bodies become susceptible because of the following:

  1. Toxicity – from stress, food additives, fluoride, amalgams, pesticides, and other chemicals

  2. Nutritional Deficiency – from Genetically Modified foods, Irradiated foods, processed foods

Here’s a good movie to that bring this to light http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/beautiful-truth/

6. Sugar – It taste great and it actually affects a chemical in our brain that makes us “feel good”, but…. It can inhibit our immune system for up to five hours, slow down the learning capacity of the brain, drain the energy reserves of the adrenal glands, and make us fat!




7. There is a fine line between exercise that is good for you and exercise that is bad. Exercise is a stress to the body so ideally if we are having a hectic day we should consider “working in” – such as yoga, meditation, or simple stretching. Now for those days that we feel great and everything goes smooth, that is when you ‘work out”. Our bodies are designed to move weather you work in or out your goals should always contain one or more of the following:

  1. Increase heart rate

  2. Overload the muscles to increase / maintain strength

  3. Stretch the muscles to maintain flexibility in the joints

8. Take time out to create your plan for the perfect year – write it down, schedule it, and set it in stone. No one else will do this for you, it won’t take you that much time, but ….it will make you feel proud and accomplished and worth every minute once it comes into play!

9. Weight loss – Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, nothing happens overnight. My question to you is this “How long did it take you to gain the weight in the first place?” So when you set your weight loss goals, remember that, and set realistic goals with attainable end points to keep you on course and motivated. For the average person, sticking to both a nutrition and exercise regime, they can expect to lose 10 lbs. in 2 months – BUT….. You have to be 100 percent committed!

10. The One Year Set Point – Continuing from #9 above, your body has a set point weight! What that means is that if you were 150 lbs. and you decided to go on a “quick weight loss program’, you lose 10 lbs. The challenge is that your body felt as if it was starved and that is has a job to keep you at 150 lbs., so the minute you go back to eating your normal feast you gain the 10 back and an additional 10 (just in case you decided to starve the body again – pretty nifty). Now, if you change the quality of your diet by increasing the nutritional content of your foods, and then decrease your calories by about 500 or so, your body feels like it has the nutrition it needs. In other words, it doesn’t feel like you are starving it because of the nutrients, and it then slowly lets you lose weight and progressively readjusts your set point – now that is cool!

11. Every Livet I bombard you with the negative truths about Genetically Modified, Pesticide Ridden, and Processed Foods – This time I just want to ask you something “Why is it that we take more time to choose the perfect outfit or the perfect car, but yet we just settle for any quality or types of foods?” Is the quality of what we wear more important than the quality of what we put into our bodies?

12. Add Some Green to your Smoothies! Smoothies are a great way of adding nutrients into your day without sacrificing taste. Add Kale, Collard Greens, or Watercress to boost nutrition and add fruit to sweeten and create the flavor you enjoy. (Sample Smoothie – Kale, Banana, Mango, and Coconut) Remember you can add anything to a smoothie – yes it might sound and look strange but you can always cover up the taste – try broccoli, cucumber, avocado, or even ginger.

13. Treat Yourself to an Experience and avoid treating yourself to food! From childhood we learn that if we are cute, did something well, or just gave a great smile – we got a treat and typically it was candy – from our parents, the barber, or even the postman. As adults we do the same thing by telling ourselves “we deserve it”. Today make a list of things you enjoy doing or would like to do. And next time “you deserve it” do something from your list. Ten to one you will enjoy what you do and the memories of it will last longer than any piece of chocolate cake, without the 400 calories that go along with it!

14. Ok, here’s where I get weird – Did you know that your bowls are designed to move all of the toxins out of your body 2-3 times per day? So, if that is not happening to you, you are storing toxins and they are concentrating in your system. Once this happens, your health is the one that suffers, so clean up your act and make sure everything is moving like clockwork!

15. On your quest to eating nutritionally packed fruits and vegetables look at the ANDI Score (Nutrient Density Index). Many grocery stores list this on the identification tags of the produce. This can easily help you identify the right produce with the highest nutritional levels (1000 being the highest). Collard Greens are marked at 1000 and Iceberg Lettuce is at 110.


16. Did you know that the things that you put on your body can affect your health in the same manner as the things you put in your body? Although there are hundreds, here is a list of some of the top carcinogens that are found in many everyday products: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrolatum, Mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, oxybenzone, propylene glycol, ect. These can be found in skin care, make up, and even laundry detergent. If you want to check the ingredients of your favorite products and see how safe or un-safe they are, check out http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

17. What is the secret to good health? One of my mentors, Paul Chek said it best….For ideal health you need a balance approach from the following four doctors:

  1. Dr. Movement – Exercise

  2. Dr. Diet – Good Quality Foods

  3. Dr. Quiet – Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Relaxation

  4. Dr. Happiness – Need I Say More!

If one or more of the following areas is not being taken care of, our health is in jeopardy of disease. Keep them all is check and you reap the rewards of great health, energy, and longevity!

18. When eating out, keep in mind that even at the finest restaurant the quality of the foods may not be to a standard that you would like. Most restaurants, unless otherwise noted, use genetically modified or irradiated ingredients, pesticides, hormones, and even antibiotics – now how is that for a menu item. So your best bet, when eating out is to eat as pure as you can, avoiding processed items, meats, and creams – stick with salads, vegetables, fish and chicken.

19. Enhance your workouts by lifting weights slow and controlled – muscle fibers are what burn calories, when you move fast with momentum you only target a few, but the slower you go the more fibers have to work, and that leads to a greater caloric expenditure!

20. Start your day right by washing out the toxins from the night before?? That’s right, waking up to two large glasses of water kicks starts your engine, flushes out the junk, and hydrates your system from the inside out.

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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