2014 Livet

2014 is here in full throttle, so what changes are you going to instill to keep you on your healthy path??

Every Year I highlight the latest and greatest, from research and more, to give you this Livet® (liv-e’t). Here are my favorites to create Longevity, Happiness, and Abundant Energy……Enjoy!!

Optimal Health is a balanced combination of :

Exercise and Movement

Downtime and Sleep


Happiness and Fulfillment

Exercise and Movement

1. HITT, Cardio-Circuit Training, and my favorite – Interval Training, can all provide and amazing way to burn calories and keep the metabolism fully charged for hours after the workout. This means that you will continue to burn additional calories throughout the day as opposed to just a few hours, as in conventional programs. What a deal! You also increase your reaction time, stamina, and build muscle, all while burning fat. Love it!

2. For Every Pound of Muscle, you Burn 50 Calories Doing Nothing. So with this said, it’s more important and efficient to train for strength than cardio (unless you create and infused combination of both). During strength training, maximum results come from the following:

Perfect Form (Chest Lifted, Shoulders Back and Down, Abdominals Contracted)

Slow and Controlled Movements

Continuously Changing Your Routine

Continuously Increasing Your Weight (8-10 reps, once you can easily do 12, increase weight)

3. “Work In” When You Need To, and Your Program will Skyrocket. Exercise is a stress, when we add to that the stress of our day, lack of sleep, and anything else in-between, we are leading ourselves “down hill”. The key is to be able to judge your day and your stress level, and then choose the right program for your day. “Work Out” on high energy, low stress days, and “Work In” (yoga, pilates, beach walk, etc.) on low energy, high stress days.

4. Be Proud and Be Strong at Any Age!! Muscular strength enables anyone to do so many things. Don’t shortchange yourself, keep yourself strong with weight training or body weight training (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, abdominal crunches, and more)

5. Can you Balance on One Leg?? If you answered ‘No” you are missing out on an integral part of your physical training. Forcing yourself to balance on one leg and add in an arm or leg movement trains those little muscles known as stabilizers which will keep us steadier, stronger, and injury free!

To add a few more exercises to your program CLICK HERE to check our my videos

Downtime and Sleep

1. Are You Breathing for Maximum Efficiency? Your Lungs are like stretchy bags, so your style of breathing and posture have a huge effect on your oxygen intake. Optimal oxygen intake leads to better sleep, rest, digestive health, and stress recuperation. Breathe from the belly and always hold your chest up with your shoulders back and down, and you will be on your way. Remember….they say it takes 21 days to create a habit!

2. Don’t Forget YOU! Do one thing every day that you enjoy and gives you a “time out” from your day. Step back for just a minute and recognize how relaxed or how “strung out” you are in your day to day routine. Encourage yourself to set YOU time in your day so that you can recharge your batteries and feel refreshed.

3. Sleep is NOT Overrated! Lack of quality sleep leads to weight gain, digestive issues, increased stress, and low immune function. You need to set yourself up to maximize your sleep and your sleep “rituals”.

Keep the Room Perfectly Dark (no led lights from clocks, etc.)

Be Comfortable with your Bed, Sheets, and Pillows

Avoid watching TV in Bed

Create a Sleep/Relaxation Ritual

4. Sleep Dictates our Recuperation! From 10pm to 2am our bodies recuperate PHYSICALLY, from 2am to 6am our bodies recuperate PSYCHOLOGICALLY. It doesn’t require a lot to see the times that can do us the most good. Get that sleep in and you will maximize your health and your workouts.

5. All Electronics Add in Some Form of Stress to Our Day! Try to take an electronics sabbatical every once in a while. playing or reading on a tablet is not the same as reading a book. Things move slower without electronics, this “slowness” can be a breath of fresh air from a day filled of phones, TV’s, and computers. Give yourself a break and recharge your battery before you recharge your electronic devise.


1. Weight Gain and Ill Health are All a Product of Addiction. Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar, Flour, and Dairy all metabolize as a SUGAR and equal to….Weight Gain and Ill Health, “Need I say more”.

2. “Nutraterian” – This is someone who is more concerned with nutrition than calories in their foods. When you eat for “nutrition only” you stay lean, strong, and vibrant – “What a Deal!”

3. If you are a Parent, it’s valuable to recognize that you are Growing an “Adult from Scratch”; on the other hand, if your only concerned with Yourself, you are Growing a “Senior from Scratch”! Everything we teach a child about food translates to their health as they get older. So as a parent it is imperative to give your children the habits and tastes for foods that will enrich their lives and not their waistline. We want kids to develop strong brains and immune systems, without tearing them down with sugar and processed foods. As adults we want to keep our strong brain and maximize our immunity and energy. Food is powerful – it dictates your immune system, energy, and brain function – Don’t tear it down with manufactured foods, enrich it with foods that provide naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – This will leave you POWERFUL!!!!

4. Superfoods are Those Foods that Provide Huge Amounts of Nutrients Per Bite! Try to include at least three of these per day. There are several lists our there,www.eatrightamerica.com has a good one or you can google it, but here is my list of my top favorites:


Coconut and Coconut Products

Mulberries and Goji Berries

Chia and Hemp Seeds

Kale and Collard Greens

5. Foods Should SPOIL!!! If most of your foods can sit on the shelves for years to come, you need to reevaluate how much you depend on processed foods. These provide you with little to any nutrition, a lot of calories, pesticides, preservatives, and a cocktail of chemical additives. Let 2014 be your year to clean the cabinets! Work your way to maintaining only 10 percent processed and 90 percent FRESH!

To see how I can help you with your nutritional program, CLICK HERE

Happiness and Fulfillment

1. Have Your Laughed Today? You better say YES, laughter raises our levels of endorphin's and makes us feel….GOOOOD! When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried – “wasn’t that awesome!” Even on your worst day, Force a Smile, Laugh at Something Stupid, and you will Feel Better in an Instant!

2. Take the Happiness Test… http://apps.bluezones.com/happiness/ Happiness is an essential part of your health and longevity. If your not happy how can you motivate and encourage those around you?

3. It’s OK to say “No”! I have said this before but is deserves a repeat performance. This is your life, and yes it is important to do things for others but not when it costs you your time with your kids, happiness, and health. We hold the opinion of others way to high, if someone can not understand that you don’t have the time or energy to help, party, or more, than they are not the kind of people you need to be around. We should be inspiring our friends and family, and encouraging health and longevity, just say No! It’s OK and it might give you that extra time to do something special for yourself each and every day!

4. Remember to Be a Kid and Enjoy Your Kids! Kids look at life in such a simple way, we should take note. The only person who complicates our life is ….US. We have the power to say no, choose our friends, choose our careers, and more. Every week choose one thing to change that will make your life less complicated and add in one thing that gives you joy.

5. Go Play at a Playground! I don’t care how old you are, just take a moment and swing on a swing, go down the slide, or climb on the monkey bars. Enjoy this moment and allow it to transport you to a time when you were “foot loose” and “fancy free”, let it kick out your stress, up your endorphin's, and make you feel giddy again!

Here’s My top 4 resolves for 2014!

Walk the beach for 30 minute 3 times per week. This will give me my Vitamin D, my workout, and my “me” time!

Play with my Kids More – Run Outside, Play Barbie, or simply Hit the Playground

Experiment with more Recipes, Play with Flavors, and Make More Treats that are Loaded with Nutrition

Help You on Your Quest to Health, Energy, and Longevity!!!!

Please Leave a Comment Below and let me know what Your Resolves are.

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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