2016 Livet

2016 has charged forward in such a positive light. We are all here to keep growing, learning, and helping each other reach our true potential. With this said, here is YOUR 2016 Livet®. A Livet® (liv-e’t) is a plan for living, this is your plan to replace any diet that you have ever tried, and this plan is all about a positive outcome!

Take charge, make changes, and live life to the fullest of ways and you will reap the benefits of longevity!

Every Year I highlight the latest and greatest, from research and more, to give you this Livet®. Here are my favorites to create Longevity, Happiness, and Abundant Energy……Enjoy!!

Optimal Health is a balanced combination of:


Exercise and Movement

Downtime and Sleep

Happiness and Fulfillment


  1. The proportions of your Carbohydrates (from fruits and vegetables), Protein, and Fats have a lot to do with your energy, clarity, and strength. Think of it this way Carbohydrates provide immediate energy, Fats provide s energy at a much slower rate, and Protein helps to repair the body and helps to prolong the energy from your Carbs and Fat. So if you’re having breakfast at 6am and know you won’t make lunch till 2, your breakfast should be higher in fat and protein with some carbs, on the other hand is you have a long workout somewhere in between you would want more carbs and fat with some protein. Distribute your proportions for the activity of your day and the time between meals.

  2. As of 2016 the new American Heart Association Guidelines are encouraging us to increase our quality fats by 25 and 35 % of our daily intake. So what are quality fats, here are my top favorites: Avocado, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut butters, cold pressed coconut oil, grass fed butter, and Olive oil – and of course all from a quality organic source!

  3. Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, Flour, and Dairy all give us a false sense of energy, these spikes and falls cause our energy systems to be depleted. The best defense for this is to minimize your Alcohol, Sugar, Flour, and Dairy, and for the rare occasions, combine them with quality fats. The same goes for caffeine, both ingest it with a meal that includes quality fats or….mix in a teaspoon of coconut oil and enjoy a lengthier amount of energy from your same cup of joe!

  4. Mental fogginess has a few reasons behind it, but the main one always brings us back to food. Too many processed carbohydrates give us a spike of energy that quickly leads to exhaustion and fog!

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Exercise and Movement:

  1. Avoid stressing out about getting in your full 60 minutes of exercise per day. The American College of Sports Medicine, back in 2014 brought to light that we only need 150 minutes per week and guess what?? You can break that up any way you want…..6 ten minute sessions, 4 fifteen minute sessions, or anything else that fits best into your day!

  2. Now don’t forget that your metabolism is kicked on by only 2 things – Exercise and Food. So with this said, if you decided to do several short sessions of exercise in your day, you are actually increasing your calorie burning potential throughout the day, “How Cool is That!”

  3. Now when choosing your most beneficial forms of exercise don’t shortchange the small stuff. Yes, heavy duty gardening, housecleaning, and home repairs count too! Remember, it’s all about increasing your heart rate and breaking into a bit of a sweat.

  4. HITT Training, Circuit, Intervals, and more – If you push yourself in cardio, to the point right before becoming breathless, and then recover and do it again, you actually burn more calories than maintaining a sustained heart rate.

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Downtime and Sleep:

  1. Here is a fun fact to make it all a bit clearer. If you fall asleep within 5 minutes you are exhausted, if you fall asleep anywhere between 6 and 15 minutes you are doing things right, and if it takes you longer than 15 minutes you need to review how you manage stress and create relaxation rituals to bring you to that 6-15 minute mark.

  2. Do you wake up ready to concur the day? Or do you wake up dragging needing that cup of coffee? Many times we may be getting our needed 8 hours of sleep but the quality of that sleep is lacking in several necessary ingredients. A few things to keep in mind that help a lot are things like keeping your room nice and cold, completely pitch dark, and minimizing the amount of TV right before bed.

  3. Daily stress from life and living as well as exercise can stress the system and hamper quality recovery and sleep. It is important to create daily rituals to bring you back to center and “brush off” those stresses that we can do without. I can sit here and preach, but you are the only one who knows what can calm you down and bring you to center. One of the best tools that I have found is to create a notebook listing your favorite, soothing, things to do. List one on each page and then in those moments of stress and discomfort, randomly open the book up and follow what the page has to offer with whatever time you have available. Progressively this will become easier for you to follow and do. Enjoy!

  4. Meditation, it is the new buzzword these day. And YES is does provide you with so many benefits but it doesn’t have to be sitting in some strange knotted position chanting a language you’re not sure of. Meditation is simply taking all of your focus to ONE THING for 5 minutes or more. That one thing can be a chant but it also can be coloring in a coloring book or an array of other things that require such an intense focus that they force the mind chatter to settle down. Once the mind can settle down, the mind opens itself up to creativity, perspective, and so much more.

Happiness and Fulfillment:

  1. Laughter is the best medicine of all! They say that kids laugh 400+ times a day and adults laugh…..15, ugg. We have some work to do people! Life is only as serious as you make it, make sure you maximize each day and include something that truly puts a smile on your face, you deserve it!

  2. Are you living your passion or are you just doing your job? Sometimes they are one and the same but many times they are two totally different things. We tend to be possessed with the need for money above our own needs, well guess what? If we focus on serving others in a manner that fulfills our needs, we make money, we can reach our success, and we can be happy in the process. Think about it!

  3. Look out for Synchronicity! This is my all-time favorite, you know those moments, the ones that everything just seems to flow and go your way. Yup these are the moments to focus on; these are the ones you want to recreate day after day. Show gratitude, acknowledge these great days, and start to look forward to more of them, they will come more often if you let them!

  4. We are all here to learn and experience our true selves. Many times the frustrations we get from others is not a true sense of frustration and anger, it is something from within that needs to grow. We need to take these moments and instead of playing the “blame game” we need to look within and see what areas of our selves need growth and awareness. The more open we are to growth, the happier our day to day will be. Don’t worry about what others think, YOU are the most important person in your world!

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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