2013 Livet

2013 is here and as with all previous Livet’s, my goal is to provide you with the latest information that will inspire and enhance your personal journey to longevity and health.

Optimal Health is a balanced combination of :

Exercise and Movement

Downtime and Sleep


Happiness and Fulfillment

So with this in mind, this year’s Livet will focus on these areas and provide you with useful tips to create the right balance for YOU!

Exercise and Movement

1. Avoid limiting yourself to the gym! If done right, Housework, Gardening, and much more can burn 500 plus calories per hour and work all sorts of little muscles you never realized you had. Don’t ever think of these tasks at “Drudgery”, embrace the workout and enjoy the sweat!

2. Force your posture throughout the day! Pull your Abs In, pull your Shoulders Back and Down, and lift your Chest Up. This newly found habit can help you work your core muscles throughout the day, at your desk or in the car.

3. Muscles Work Synergistically! Exercise programs dedicated to isolating muscles take way too much time for optimal results and can easily lead to muscular imbalances and later, injury. Programs that work the entire body are much more efficient for longevity and permanent results. The key is to constantly provide variety and perform exercises that are multi-joint movement. Optimally 5 hours a week of movement will keep you on a wonderful path, so….Get Moving!

4. Have No Equipment? This should never stop you from a good workout. Push Ups, Lunges, Squats, and Pilates Mat Type Exercises can give you the workout you need while you are traveling, at home, or enjoying the outdoors. So no matter what your regular exercise routine is, always incorporate 6 – 8 exercises that require no equipment, the benefits are yours to take!

5. The strength and integrity of your spine and abdomen encompass your core. The closer your navel is to your spine, the more strength and stability your body can provide. If your navel is FAR from your spine, your spine, hips, knees, and neck become in jeopardy of injury and pain, not to mention the other health factors that can come along with that. So for 2013 make it a priority to keep the navel as close to your spine as possible – It’s all about Exercise, Food, and Posture!

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Downtime and Sleep

1. Did you know that a lack of sleep can affect your Weight, Vision, and Stress Levels? We need a good night’s sleep; it is just as important as anything else we do. Nighttime stimulants such as Electronics, Food, Alcohol, and Caffeine can have a major effect on how well and how long you will sleep for. Ideally we should all have a nighttime ritual that starts at sunset and progressively takes itself down to 10 or 10:30.

2. Stress is a toxin and stress can happen from Daily Life, Lack of Sleep, and Exercise, not to mention the impact of all three. At a minimum we need to be able to recognize where our stress is coming from and adjust other areas of our life to balance it off. For example – If stress at work is over the roof, be sure to get quality sleep and alter your regular exercise routines to “work in” instead of “working out”. Yoga and Pilates are a great way to create that “work in” program without losing any of the progress made from your traditional program. Actually, adding in a “work in” program will enhance your current program, create additional variety, and provide your body with some amazing benefits. Remember….It’s all about lowering your stress levels to supercharge your health!

3. With technology at all ends of the spectrum, shutting down may seem more than impossible. It’s time to set boundaries and give yourself 20 minutes a day to just sit; with a cup of tea, a book, or simply in silence. Allow others to leave messages, and give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind and regroup in a fresh and energized manner. 20 minutes per day, either in full or broken up, will provide you with hours of clearer thinking and a more balanced state of mind.

4. Although this may sound more like nutrition than downtime….Listen Up. Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol all metabolize as a sugar and provide your body with an unconscious lift of energy. Unconsciously, if we are tired or stressed, we gravitate to anything that will metabolize as a sugar or provide us with an external boost of energy such as caffeine, processed foods, cocktails, or desserts. And we do this because they provide just enough added energy to “get us by”. This adds stress to our already stressed out systems. Recognize the signs and make changes to “get by” in a more positive manner that will spike your health and vitality and not your stress!

5. Your Goal is to wake up every morning energized and refreshed! The best way to accomplish this is with a good stress reducing program, quality foods, and a dark, peaceful environment for slumber. Together they will enable you to start your day energized and motivated for what’s ahead – “Can’t Beat That!”


1. It is not OK to feel “wrecked” after a meal. That “wrecked” feeling typically comes from too much food, food intolerances, or a combination of both. So either way… your gain weight, feel sluggish, and lose your zest for inspiration. Of course we know what too much food will do, but did you know that food intolerances will do the same thing? If you are intolerant to certain foods, you’re basically allergic to them. With this your body puts on its protective gear by sending everything to the fat cell for quarantine, the challenge is that your body cannot just send the perpetrator in, it send everyone that was associated with him straight to the fat cells. Let’s say broccoli is your nemesis and you eat it with the perfect salad…everything gets stored as fat! Your body cannot separate the digestion of foods eaten together at a meal. So next time you feel gassy and bloated after a meal, try to figure out the culprit and never let him back on your plate. And, on the other hand, if it’s too much food we are faced with, DON’T DO IT! and don’t ever forget how bad you feel when you do.

2. Look at your Foods First! Don’t get me wrong, doctors provide us with some amazing services, but they typically don’t dig deep enough to figure out the root cause of our ailment, they basically just fix the problem. Food has more to do with disease than you can imagine, and processed foods even more. Cancer thrives on sugar, so does bacteria and yeast, and let’s not forget those systems that can’t break down sugar, as in diabetes. Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol all metabolize as a sugar – Eliminate these and you have removed the main power source of many of today’s most common diseases. Health is really pretty simple!

3. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) Feed the brain good! For our kids this means that their growing brains will receive all the nourishment needed, and for adults it will keep our brains intact for years to come. So what are the best sources?

Eggs – but not just from any chicken, you want Organic, Free Range, and Pasture Fed

Raw Hemp Seeds – This complete protein has little taste and can be easily combined into a salad, smoothie, or anything else you can dream of

Raw Flax Seeds – These can also be added to just about anything but should be freshly ground before eating

Raw Nuts, especially Walnuts – Raw nut butters or freshly chopped nuts can be added to just about anything, and don’t forget a handful of trail mix, that’s a good option too!

Avocados – This poor fruit has had a bad rap of being fatty – No limits, just enjoy and reap all of the nutritional benefits it provides you with

4. Cut down your Expenses and Increase your Organics? Yes you heard it right, the best way to maximize your organic dollar is to join a food co-op. We use Annies Organics http://www.anniesbuyingclub.com/ , but there are hundreds of different ones throughout the country. Shares come in all sorts of sizes and price ranges so it is easy to find one that will meet your needs. It is just too important to minimize the chemicals and pesticides in our foods, increase your nutritional density by eating organic!

5. For All Parents – You Are Growing an Adult From Scratch! The foods that you provide your children with will have an effect on their health for years after they leave the nest. You want them to grow and develop, you want strong brains, strong bones, and an unstoppable immune system, mac and cheese just don’t cut it! Foods should be oozing with nourishment, you are the one making the majority of your child’s food choices and you are the one who has given them a flavor for certain foods. Many of our adult ailments stem from our childhood habits. In every child is a clean slate, provide them with the foods and pallet that will nourish them throughout their lives in a manner that will enhance their health throughout their lives. We tend to look for the easy way out with our kids – its all about fast and simple, but are the outcomes worth it in the long run?

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1. Most of us take responsibility of others quite easily. It is so easy to be there for our friends, family, and coworkers, but how can we give 100 percent of ourselves and provide all of the love and support that we want to give, if we are not at our own capacity of love, support, and fulfillment? This is where, sometimes, it is OK to be selfish. Taking the time that you need for yourself will provide so much more to those that need time from you. You come First, and those that come after will reap all of the rewards and benefits!

2. Here’s where it all ties in together! If you are tired, stressed, and surviving on junk food, how can you truly be happy?? This is why you have to create importance in balancing these 4 major areas of health – Exercise and Movement, Downtime and Sleep, Nutrition, and Happiness. This is Your Life and NO One is Responsible for Your Life. You are the only one who can make long lasting changes in Your Life. Here we are in a brand new year, What Changes are you going to make? Write them down and make a plan and email them to me if you need a bit more accountability Adita@NutritionalBrilliance.com

3. We all have priorities in life but how do you address them has a serious impact on how you feel. At work are you stiff and by the book or do you have fun in your day to get the job done? With your family, are you so burned from your day that it is hard to laugh or can you put it all behind you and enjoy the brighter parts of your day? Think about it. Studies show that a happy person is a more productive person at work and a more supportive person at home. What two things can you change in your day to add more enjoyment and more smiles? Write them down and make a plan!

4. Do you remember the movie “Pretty Woman”? Julia Roberts taught Richard Gear to “Cop a Squat” (sit outside under a tree, barefoot). That was such a classic line – we all need to get outside, in the fresh air, barefoot, and “Cop a Squat”, even for a moment! The warmth of the sun wakes up just enough endorphins to make us feel “GOOD”, hence happier. I’m not one for cell phones but here is a time that I think they are so very useful – when you have too many calls to return, why stay in the office or inside, get outside, “Cop a Squat” and make your calls. You’ll get your work done and feel refreshed all in one sitting!

5. Laugh A Lot! and as much as you can. When was the last time you laughed so much that you started to cry? This is the mega of all laughter! When we laugh our bodies feel good, endorphins kick in, and our immunity strengthens. What a deal! Take every opportunity to laugh and if you get a tear or two, even better.

Top 4 Questions of 2012

1. What is the easiest way to lose weight?

  • Stay away from processed or manufactured foods

  • Drink enough water to maintain clear urine

  • Eat a lot of veggies and smaller portions of fruit

  • Eat high quality proteins with every meal – raw nuts, quinoa, Raw seeds, organic meats and chicken, fish, beans, and eggs

  • There you have it. It is only hard if you have an emotional attachment to food – So break the attachment and eat for nourishment and you won’t go wrong!

2. How can I sleep more soundly?

  • At sunset start dimming the lights of the house and get away from brightness

  • Minimize or eliminate electronics at night

  • No TV or computers in bed

  • Your room should be pitch black – not even an LCD light from a clock should shine

  • Make the temperature in your room cool for sleeping

  • Drink a cup of Kava or Chamomile tea before bed

  • Nighty, Night!

3. What is the most efficient form of exercise?

  • Intervals of cardiovascular training (i.e. Elliptical, treadmill, etc.), combined with multi-joint movements (i.e. Squats with a shoulder press – more than one joint is working at a time)

  • 5:5 ratio

4. How can I add more fun into an already busy day?

  • Plan a fun lunch with a friend once a week

  • Make a list of hobbies you like to do and set a time once a week to do something from your list

  • Intentionally get out of your routine once a week – start your morning differently, try a new recipe, anything out of the norm

  • Get a coloring book and keep it close at hand – when you feel overwhelmed or grumpy…start to color

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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