Quinoa, one of Natures good Guys!

In your quest to provide your kids with some amazing foods, here’s one that most people either don’t know about or forget about all together. Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), this seed originated in South America and is one of the few grains that is a complete protein. What this means is that for a protein to be complete you need 8 amino acids, beans alone don’t provide all 8 amino acids but the ones that are missing are provided in rice, so beans and rice formulate a complete protein.

Quinoa, alone, is a complete protein, and you hear me harp about how our kids need more and more protein in their day. In addition, each serving provides an excellent source of all the Vitamin B’s and iron, which provide our kids with energy and mental clarity. The great thing with this one is that you can easily create a wide array of flavors and tastes:

1. For more of a lunch or dinner flavor, you can just mix it with salt, pepper, and olive oil or even add an array of chopped cooked or raw vegetables or beans. Check out a few wonderful meals HERE

2. For more of a breakfast or sweet snack, you can mix some shopped berries or fruit with shredded coconut or nuts and top it off with a drizzle of honey, Check out some recipes HERE

As with all foods, it’s about experimenting, play around with this one and use it anywhere you would use rice or a grain and ENJOY!

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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