How much Protein and Fat do we really need?

Have you ever wondered if you are taking in just the right amount of protein and fats for your specific needs? And if so, how do you figure this out? Well here’s the thing, for optimal energy and health we each have our own individual need for protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Now when I talk about carbohydrates, I’m talking about fruits and vegetables for our daily energy needs, not bread, crackers and cookies. So it doesn’t matter what your age is or fitness level, your body is very intelligent and can let you know your specific needs by your appetite and energy levels.

How to Figure our your Protein Needs

How do we figure this all out? Let's start at the mid point, by that I mean taking every meal and snack and eating a 40-40 combination of protein and carbohydrates with a little bit of quality fat (your remaining 20%). Then start to take note of your hunger and energy levels, basically each meal or snack should hold you through to the next meal or snack without that feeling of truly starving – you should feel like your “just” ready to eat. And here is the thing, protein and fat both take longer to metabolize and break down so these guys can carry the energy from your fruits and vegetables for as long as you need. It’s like this, if I gave you a salad with only lettuce and tomato you would be starving in less than an hour, on the other hand if I added an array of vegetables, olive oil, and some chicken, that could keep you feeling good for quite a while.

Customizing Your Meal Proportions

Now with all of this said you can start to tailor your meals to your needs, if your next meal or snack is hours away, then add a bit more protein and fat to a previous meal to hold you over. If your next meal is just around the corner your 40-40 combination should work just right. There is one thing though to take note, we are all different so you may start with this 40-40 and realize you are tired all the time, that may be your trigger to add in a higher percentage of carbohydrates. Then on the flip side, if your getting hungry too quick you may need a higher amount of protein and fat to stabilize your carbohydrates. Little by little with some food journaling, and awareness of your energy and hunger, you too can come up with the exact proportion that work best for your needs.

Just the Right Formula

This formula should keep you satiated, focused, clear headed, and energized. When you throw in processed foods and simple carbohydrates from sugar, flour, dairy and alcohol into the mix you get “slowed down”, foggy in the mind, and tired in the body. Unfortunately, the more of these things we eat the more out of balance we become. This applies for both adults and kids. When you figure out your ideal food proportions of carbohydrates (from fruits and vegetables), proteins, and quality fats you realize how good life can be. Don’t allow yourself to fall back into your old habits and slowly let these processed energy drainers work their way in, your much better than that and it feels way too good to have sustained energy throughout the day! Enjoy!

Here's a few good recipes that fit the bill:

Garbanzo Bean Salad

Hummus Pizza

Quinoa Veggie Blend

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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