Snack Dilemma?

I have had a chance to chat with several of you and one of the common denominators has been a need for good “snacks.” Its funny how we tend to categorize certain foods for certain times of the day – let it go! Your child needs sufficient protein with each snack – I emphasize this over and over because both protein and fats help dissipate calories throughout a longer period of time. In other words, an apple alone will metabolize quickly and hunger will soon approach, on the other hand an apple with some almond butter or peanut butter on it will last longer in the system.

As we all know, kids get cranky if they are hungry. The key is to keep them feeling satisfied until the next meal. The following is a list of a few ideas that you could use for your child’s snacks:

1. Hummus with carrot and/or celery sticks

2. Fruit with raw nut spread (almond, cashew, or peanut butter)

3. Raw Nuts with raisins

4. Sliced Chicken in a lettuce roll

5. An egg

6. Avocado

CLICK HERE for more snack recipes to enjoy!

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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