Pooh Bear had it right! Honey can be ohhh so good, the question is which honey? Now a days, honey comes in a wide array of varieties and flavors. Flavors can come naturally from the different flowers that are pollinated by the bees or they can be added in artificially. Here are a few varieties to give you a clearer picture of what to choose for your family.

The Traditional Honey Bear – this one has been highly processed and has lost all of the wonderful qualities that honey can offer. It is clear and golden in color and many times enhanced with artificial flavors. Unfortunately all of the minerals provided in honey are gone with processing, so this type of honey is more comparable to table sugar than actual honey.

Raw Honey – “the crème de la crème” of honey. This honey comes complete with a wide array of vitamins and minerals and has been recognized throughout the ages for its medicinal properties. Not only will it flavor up a good cup of tea, but you can use it for scrapes, digestion, and a whole lot more.

Manuka – here is a treasure for your medicine cabinet. Manuka honey is filled with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties (the highest anti-bacterial property is labeled with a 16+). A teaspoon of this during a cold or flu will make your recuperation that much quicker.

One more thing to keep in mind, recently a mom asked me about sugar and the immune system. Traditional table sugar, corn syrup, and all the other processed sugars on the market are lacking in the essential nutrients needed for metabolizing the sugar in the body. In other words, when the body needs to metabolize one of these sugars it robs the body of certain nutrients that are also involved in the immune system. When you consume raw honey, it comes packed with all of the nutrients needed to metabolize itself so it doesn’t need to take anything from you and won’t affect your immune system in the same manner.

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