Life Happens

There are so many variables to health, some are in our control and some are not. The key is to take a healthy approach in how you see things and journey your way to the best possible outcome without being stuck “in the mud”! Life is way to short to feel sorry for yourself and blame others for your pain. I realize it is hard to look at something objectively when you are right in the middle of it, but take a step back, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself wasting time feeling sorry for yourself or….maximize each day for the best possible outcome. “I don’t know about you, but the second option seems way more appealing!”

So with all this said “What am I really talking about?”. It’s no different than anything else I post, its about creating a balance between Exercise, Nutrition, Happiness, and Rest and Recovery. No matter what ails you or what your situation is, these should be guides and goals for health:

1. Exercise – I hate to break it to you but the body is designed to MOVE! OK, so let's say your in the midst of a serious medical condition and your fatigued more than ever, make a promise to move for 10 minutes every day. If you are struggling with other issues, aim to fit in whatever you can. The biggest mistake we make is to believe that 60 minutes is the end all. Life happens and if 60 minutes is overwhelming or isn’t feasible right now…take what you can. Here’s a fact for inspiration – The New England Journal of Medicine recently documented that the number one cause of mortality was….Drum Roll Please…A Sedentary Lifestyle. Sedentary means doing nothing, so 5 minutes is something and can actually make a difference, "who knew!" Click HERE for my New Book and Exercise Video Combo

2. Nutrition can only benefit what ails you! The stronger you make your immune system the further away disease will stay. On the same breath cancer LOVES sugar (and Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol all break down and metabolize as a SUGAR), so starve that sucker and make some drastic changes to avoid or boot out that “pesky varmint!” Eat for the nutritional value of foods, and pride yourself in the quality of those foods, that give you strength and power, don’t allow disease to dictate your cravings and destroy your health. Click HERE to see how I can help

3. Happiness - When was the last time you laughed, and I mean laughing yourself to tears? It is such a waste of time to linger in the negative, this will take you nowhere! On the other hand a good laugh or simply a smile will boost your endorphin's and pump up your immune system to a full charge. Now I realize that life’s challenges can pull us down, but don’t let it , surround yourself with positive people, say NO whenever you want, and do at least one thing a day that you love doing. Research states that children laugh 400 times a day, yet adults only 15...what's up with that?

4. Your immune system, and your fat burning potential, can only work efficiently if you are well rested. Sleep, recovery, and relaxation are a major component of health. Lack of sleep has been proven to increase body fat, increase stress, and suppress your immune system. So how do you expect to recover from a major life event or illness without proper sleep? Granted, at times of distress, stress can keep us restless and angry, but Guess What? You, my friend, are the only one who can change that. YOU have the power to change the way you see yourself, your health, and your possible outcome! “Bet you never realized you had that kind of POWER!”

So with all of that…Life Happens! We gain weight, our health is challenged, or we just can't function in our own shell, but the world keep revolving around us and we can make the best of any situation and move forward, without lingering under a black cloud. It’s all your choice – No one is to blame and No one is keeping you in a bad situation but YOU. So now step back, reassess, and head for a happier place with whatever ails you. Make your goal to be as healthy as you can be and take baby steps to get you there. “One step at a time is much better than no steps at all!”

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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