What is food for?

Ok this might sound like a silly question but bear with me for a minute. As children we are taught that food is socialization, comfort, and a reward. As adults we practice eating for socialization, comfort, and we use food to reward ourselves for doing well.

I hate to break it to you but food is FUEL, it is that simple. A Maserati does not consume gasoline for sheer pleasure, the right gas provides speed and power to the engine, it assures that the car runs smooth as silk, and it provides longevity with the right tune-ups and oil changes.

So here’s my next question…Do you feel energized, invigorated, and charged all day long? Or do you wake up tired, boost yourself with caffeine, make it through the day, add another jolt of caffeine in the afternoon, and “just get by” through the night?

Now you have to be honest, we have full control on how we feel and perform each and every day. What you eat DOES make a HUGE difference.

Here’s the thing, unconsciously we feed our bodies to keep us alert and to provide us with just enough energy for our day. Sugar, flour, dairy, and alcohol all metabolize as a sugar and provide us with a jolt of energy. That combined with caffeine can keep us falsely energized for the day.

We have all fallen prey to The Standard American Diet, utilizing the ease of manufactured foods and eating for comfort, as opposed to performance.

So what does this all mean, well I would like to encourage you to look at your daily food plan. Actually, make a food journal for 4 days and include at least one weekend in there. Write down everything that you consume! Then on the fifth day take a highlighter and highlight anything that is or includes Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol – “and don’t forget the beverages”.

Now, if you have more than three things marked per day….”You Need To Make a Change!!” Your body is running on false energy, your immune system is dragging (because sugar inhibits your immune system for up to 5 hours), and your own bodies energy systems are depleted. Not to mention, it’s hard to lose weight this way, let alone perform at your best in the gym or at the office.

Ok, here’s the plan, somehow someway you need to consume more fruits and vegetables than processed foods, you need to add in raw nuts, beans, and quality proteins. Take pride in what you put into your body, treat yourself like a Maserati, and don’t allow pesticides, chemicals, additives, and sugars to slow your down. Eat for performance and revel in mental clarity, energy, and great health.

Visit my recipe page and try something new or reach out to me for a FREE 30-minute consultation, I am here to help. You are the finest machine ever but it’s up to you to treat it as such, no gourmet supermarket or fine dining establishment will make the best choices for you. Only YOU can do that. So I’m here as a guide, and some coaching as needed, but you have the power to make the change and enjoy the benefits, so rev up the engines and take off like a bullet!

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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