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I never had an idea how complicated it would be to raise a child, my grandmother had 13! After I gave birth to my son Nash a dear friend told me, “You are now growing and adult from scratch.” Wow, I am responsible for the foundation of my child’s health and the habits and taste buds that will form his future.

Food is very powerful, it can give us a strong immune system and it can suppress our immune system completely. Our food choices dictate how we feel from the inside out and the food choices we make for our toddlers will reflect how they learn, act, and feel at school. A child who is cranky will feel this way if they are hungry or if they are over stimulated, that over stimulation can come from things around them but it can also come from the digestion of too many sugars (keeping in mind that the body digests sugars, flour, and dairy, as sugars).

The typical child start their day with a bowl of cereal with milk, then a snack of some goldfish and a cheese stick, and lunch with some chicken nuggets and a cookie. Other than the small bit of chicken inside the nugget, all of the above is digested as sugar. The child starts their day stimulated by sugar, which digests rapidly and makes them hungry and cranky for a snack. At this point the child has received little if any nutrients to stimulate learning and to hold their attention span. By the time lunch is said and done, so is your child, they can become cranky and irritable from the exhaustion of play combined with the over-stimulation of sugars throughout the day. Instead, plan breakfast with a good source of protein like a vegetable omelet or an egg with toast and nut butter and a piece of fruit. Protein will slowly release the calories so that your child stays full and satisfied throughout the day, fruits and vegetables will provide the needed nutrients to enable cognitive thinking and learning. Plan your child’s meals so that they give your child the nutrients and protein they need for an active day at school and by the time you get them home they will be happy to share their day with you.

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