Your 2017 Health Challenge!

Happy 2017! So here we have another wonderful year and….New Year’s Resolutions! So my question to you, without hampering on the past too much, is “Did you complete, fulfill, maximize, etc., etc. your New Year’s resolutions last year?” New Year’s Resolutions can be so powerful; it’s time to really use your resolution to make a permanent and positive change in your life. Some of you have been on this healthy, positive journey for years now, yet others try every year and then by February/March it’s all over. I can only coach you and help guide you to your final destination, but you have the power to get there, enjoy it, maximize it, and live it! With 2017 here and in full throttle, I have a challenge for you!

The Adita Health Challenge

Let’s see how strong you really are, your challenge is to cut out Dairy, Soy, and Gluten. Start by committing to the weekend (3 days), if that seems simple enough, extend it from there, work your way to 10 days, then 30, and ideally I would like to see you off of these three thing for 60 days! Clients have reported major changes in the first week including mood improvements, weight loss, and increased energy. From there it is smooth sailing and you will clearly see how your body reacts to Dairy, Soy, and Gluten products.

The Adita Health Challenge is to eliminate these from your daily food plan for 60 DAYS!!!

“Stop Eating…” Dairy, Soy, and Gluten

Take a deep breath, I know this sounds harsh, but if you can stick to it I can guarantee the following:

Increased Energy

Weight Loss

Lower Cholesterol

Decrease Gassiness and Bloating

Better Skin and Hair

And a myriad of other symptoms

Now if you’re wondering why I chose these things to take out of your diet, it’s because these are the top three items that most people are intolerant to. And if you’re intolerant to something it will show its ugly head by making you fat, depressed, and low on energy – “who needs that!”. So with 2017 here I would like to encourage you to take your health by the “you know what”! Take this challenge; prove to yourself and to me and to everyone, that YOU CAN DO IT! I would like you to submit your information in the comment section directly under this blog. Let me know right when you get started, include any health goals you may have, your weight, and any other pertinent information you would like to share, think of me as your “Accountability” and if for some reason this seems too public for you feel free to email me at I will send you periodic emails and add comments to check in and see your progress; I might even randomly ask you for that day’s food plan to see what you have been eating. It is really easier than you think and the benefits will surpass all expectations!

With all that said, and since your still reading this, I would like to elaborate a bit more on those things that I have asked you to eliminate from your diet:

Dairy – This is anything made from Cows Milk, this includes milk, cheese, yogurt. Why is this a no-no? For years milk has been purported as the mecca of calcium for your teeth and bones, and the alternative for protein to make you big and strong. And sure, it can do these things when it is left alone. Milk is pasteurized, what this means is that it is heated to such a high heat to kill off all of the so called bacteria’s that could cause us harm. Unfortunately this pasteurization process also kills off all of the wonderful things that milk could give us. Then they bring in a chemist who will “fortify” the milk with synthetic equivalents. If you have read my articles in the past, you have heard me speak about enzymes, these are the things that help us break down and metabolize foods in an easy, painless manner. Pasteurization is performed at such a high heat that all enzymes are killed off, so any chances of easily breaking down the milk are lost in the process. Most of my clients have weight and skin issues because of dairy. Dairy metabolizes as a sugar and unconsciously we create addictions to that sugar, so it becomes a hard one to break, but once broken the benefits are endless.

Soy – There is all sorts of information out there about soy’s roll in disrupting our hormonal functions, but putting that aside there are several other important things to address. Conventional soy is Genetically Modified, what this means is that they have modified the seed to withstand high amounts of pesticides without the plant dying. Then there is the issue of protein, soy does contain protein but it is missing a few of the amino acids that make it a complete protein and it is a very hard thing to digest. Soy needs to be cooked, so most of the enzymes are killed off and our body struggles to break down and metabolize soy, so if it is conventional or organic it just doesn’t seems to be not worth the effort!

Gluten – Ugg!! Here’s a hard one, but so worth the benefits. Gluten comes in the form of wheat, barley, rye, and several food products that add it in such as crackers, soy sauce, MSG, and any whole grain food related to wheat. When I was a kid, Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease was almost nonexistent, but when you look at how little gluten we had at the time, it’s easy to see why. Today they put gluten in everything; I have found it in potato chips, rice pasta, sushi, and so much more. We have over saturated our foods in it without the ability to easily break it down, leading to digestive issues, weight gain, skin problems, and more. Gluten free eating is not that hard if you really start to look, there are several bread alternatives out there. But if you think about it, processed foods are a major factor in weight gain, so you may think twice before “really” needing that piece of bread!

Ok, so now you have heard the ugly truth, some of you may relate and others may simply say “I don’t have any of those symptoms” Either way, you will be amazed at how your body will change by eliminating these things from your diet. I have had clients that believed that they were “just fine”, to come to find out that their feeling of normal was way below the norm and that their “new” normal was out of this world! So with this said, here is you opportunity to have your own personal coach FREE of Charge, Take the challenge and I will keep you on track, YOU CAN DO IT! Post your status in the comment section below and let this Challenge change you for LIFE!!!


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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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