Food for your Mood

Have you ever felt your mood change after you ate a meal? Amazingly enough, food can inspire us or exhaust us. Traditionally we consider food a social fundamental and a necessity for life, but food has amazing properties that can cure, emphasize illness, make us happy, or make us sad. What you choose to eat on a day-to-day basis can have a tremendous effect on the rest of your day…

Keep in mind that the primary focus of the following information will deal with end results of certain foods, not necessarily the nutritional value of that food.

Food Properties and their effects on the body:

Carbohydrates – Typically give us energy, but if we stick to the “sugar” ones we will also fall and feel “exhausted” after the rush of sugar has passed, so we will crave more or go for another form of stimulant such as caffeine.

Simple – Think of this one as “Sugar and Flour” – when we eat a piece of bread, cookie, etc there is a chemical release in the brain which makes our body and mind “Feel at Ease”, researches compare it to cocaine and during times of stress we crave these more than anything else for the anti-stress effects that we receive. In addition, “sugar” products give us quick spikes of energy, which soon fall into fatigue.

Complex – Fruit and vegetables. Fruits have a higher sugar content than vegetables so the energy release from these will be quicker, the fall won’t be as hard as traditional table sugar but it will still affect the energy centers of the body.

Fats – Don’t be afraid of these, well-chosen fats will help you maintain energy for a longer period of time. In addition, a balance of good quality fatty acids such as Omega 3’s help to improve brain function and hormonal balance and will keep your mind clear and sharp (Fatty fishes such as salmon). On the other hand, poor quality fats will make you sluggish and unmotivated (Big Mac with Cheese).

Proteins – These supply all of our muscles with an array of needed nutrients, for muscular strength from the brain to the heart and through the muscles we train, these are the ones to boost your alertness.

Sample Food layouts:


Oatmeal (Happy and content) + Walnuts (Brain clarity and mood enhancer)

Or Toast with Jelly and Cup of Coffee with cream and sugar (Sugar and Caffeine High = Anxiety and fatigue within the hour)


Lentils (Folate and B vitamins for happy and clear thinking) with Sautéed Vegetables and Rice (Energy and alertness)

Or Ham and Cheese Sandwich with mayo and Potato chips (Sluggishness, and fatigue)


Canned Salmon (high in Vitamin D which helps to improve mood disorders) on a bed of mixed greens with chopped vegetables (Happiness, Overall Good Feeling, ready for sound sleep)

Or Baby Back Ribs with French fries (Heavy clouded thinking, sugar high from the Bar-BQ sauce)

Top Offending Foods in order of priority: Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Chocolate

Top “Must Haves” to feel GREAT!: Water, Vegetables, Fruits, Fatty Fish’s

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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