Life in the Fast Lane

Remember the day when you would call a friend, the number was busy, and you hung up and called later? There was no stress, when you had another opportunity, you’d call again. Today, you call, leave a voice mail, send a text, send an email, and heaven forbid you don’t have a response within the minute.

Sound familiar, our lives have sped up in insurmountable ways leaving our bodies behind in the dust. Obesity is at a high, not to mention depression, cancer, and an array of new disorders.

This is when exercise and proper nutrition are imperative. Your body requires ample vitamins and minerals to dissipate the stresses of your day and exercise becomes the release that helps the body recalibrate for a new day. Your food choices need to nourish you with high quality nutrients, if they simply provide calories they give you nothing. Eating for enjoyment has become the norm. In these economic times why would you waste your money on food that slows you down, weakens the system, and highlights your age? Choose foods that empower you to be the best you can be, that give you energy, and maximize your youth at any age.

You have the ability to take charge and change your health, energy, and weight. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can do this and make it last! Exercise needs to become the habit of choice but it doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym to do so. Your goal is to elevate your heart rate everyday for at least one hour, not one hour of cardio, but one hour of movement. This hour could be composed of weights, cardiovascular activity, and yoga or it could be composed of walking the beach and working in the garden, you choose what inspires you. Move in ways that you feel your breath become challenged and you feel your body sweat. Use movement to release all of the stress and toxins of your day and use that same movement to help you feel your very best!

Click HERE for some of my exercise videos to keep you going, and Click HERE for recipes to inspire

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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