Adita's Eating Guidelines for Life

Life has so many challenges; food should not be one of them. We are amazing beings, with super powers that can lead us any place we want to go. The key to all of it is the right fuel and the right care for energy, health, and unstoppable longevity. So how do we keep ourselves in check? Here are my top 10 food guidelines to keep you on the path.

1. Foods that grow nourish the soul. Eat 50% or more of your foods from fruits and vegetables. The darker the richer the color, the more nutrients they will fuel you with.

2. Eat for quality above anything else, so on that note, don’t run from fats, and choose the good ones to give you amazing energy when you feel like your running low. Grass fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, avocados, raw nuts, and raw seeds will all do the trick.

3. Protein puts your energy on cruise control. Again, it’s all about quality, but the right choices will keep you satiated and energized for a good part of your day. Grass fed meats, organic-free range/pasture fed chicken, wild fish and seafood, quinoa, raw nuts and seeds, and even beans will rev you up.

4. Keep the sugars “few and far between”. Sugar is not just sugar, it’s also all of those things that metabolize as a sugar, these include flour, dairy, and even alcohol. These should be a treat, never a main staple!

5. Fake food is no food! Manufactured or processed foods are robbed of their nutritional essence. Keep these as the occasional treat or emergency food, but never place them in your health realm of nutrition- they will let you down.

6. Make sure your legumes are COMPLETE. These guys are great as protein as long as they are complete! Combine them with either seeds or grains to give them what they need to provide you with the right kind of protein for your day.

7. Plan your meals to energize you! Carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables give you immediate energy, protein makes it last a bit longer, and quality fats fill in the gaps when your energy is running low.

8. Your best bet is to choose foods without a food label, but when you have no choice….read the label, if you can’t pronounce something or have no idea what it is – DON’T EAT IT. “It really is this simple”.

9. You don’t have to feel cheated, moderation is the key. First eat for nutrition, then enjoy a treat or two and you will be just fine.

10. Eat to feel satisfied, not full! This will keep your engines running smoothly and efficiently.

You can do this, your body deserves the very best and it will reward you like never before, make one change today…just for YOU!

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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