Hemp - Don't let your imagination fool you, this is a Superfood!

Yes, let’s get this out in the open…Hemp comes from the Cannabis family and NO, it’s not a drug. Hemp is actually an amazing seed that is used ground up, as a milk substitute, and even in an array of baked items. This super food is a complete protein on its own and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids) you know, those wonderful nutrients that the brain loves to live on. Hemp is one of the few food items that provide a balanced ratio of Omega-3 and omega-6, as well as magnesium, zinc, potassium, and iron.

So what is there to do with this one, you can use Hemp Milk as a milk substitute in cereals or on its own, you can grind up the seeds and sprinkle them on cereal, salads, or even yogurt. Make a smoothie or even purchase some of the ready-made breads and waffles that are made with hemp for a protein packed nutritional power food!

CLICK HERE for a few recipes to enjoy

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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