My Grandma's Health Tips that still Stand True!

My Grandmother was the wisest person I have ever met. She had a firm belief in the 4H’s of Longevity – Head, Hands, Heart, and Health. You must always keep learning, learn how to use your hands to create, love with every ounce of your soul, and eat from the earth, organic, natural, and clean. She lived her life this way each and every day, she taught me to sew, crochet, and put things together, she made learning an adventure, she loved and took care of everyone, and she taught me to cook and enjoy eating with friends and family, “what a GIFT”.

And here we are, years later, with health and wellness as my passion and my carreer. There are so many more things se taught me but here are the ones that are close to heart:

  1. Get dirty and enjoy the outdoors! Funny enough, dirt is packed with wonderful microbes that actually boost our immune system. Let alone the amazing benefits of the sun and walking on the earth barefoot. The energy that we attain from this is incredible.

  2. Eating out should be rare and eating in should be the norm! Your foods are part of your life force, when eating at a restaurant you really have no idea what additives, fillers, and flavor enhancers they add. Their only goal is to tantalize your taste buds, without any thought of enhancing your health. Only you can do that, cooking can be as easy or as hard as you make it, take a few classes and enjoy the wonderful flavors that will power up your health.

  3. Get a move on! Your body was meant to move, we have created a society of convenience and 8 hours in a chair has become the norm. The more you move the happier your entire body is, toxins move out, your immune system powers up, and your energy stays constant and charged all day long.

  4. In the past there was only a handful of processed items in the supermarket, foods were purchased fresh and unaltered. The enzymes were rich and the nutrients plentiful. This is what we need to bring back, all of these convenient, packaged, foods are depleting our systems and creating the health epidemic we live in today. SuperCharge your health with organic foods that don’t bring a “food label”, they are unaltered and rich in nutrients – You Deserve That

  5. Look Up and enjoy the world around you! Today we stair down at a phone or tablet more than we can imagine. Statistically we spend 10+ hours a day on a device of sorts, ugg! The world is so much better LIVE and in-person, set yourself with designated time to unplug, look around, and talk with those around you. Amazingly enough this has a direct correlation to your happiness and health. You sleep better and you foster relationships that last a lifetime.

So with all of that said, there is so much value in looking back and re-evaluating some of our choices to help enhance our mind and body. We are all amazing beings of light and we are here to share our gifts and talents to inspire each other to grow. Health is a balance of nutrition and food, sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, and happiness, Enjoy the Ride!

My grandmothers inspired me with everything that I know, CLICK HERE for a few recipes to inspire you in the kitchen

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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