The Disease Force-field - Strong and Powerful!

Disease is actually Dis -Ease, your body is out of sync and struggling to be at its best. You are the only one with the power to amp up your health. We are not destitute to live with some disease or another, our bodies love being healthy, energized, and vibrant but our fuel, stress, and sleep are usually at the root of our challenges. Here are my TOP THREE game changes to amp up your defenses and let your engines roar!

  1. Sugar has the ability of reducing the impact of your immune system for up to five hours. Yup you heard it right and guess what?? Your body also metabolized flour, dairy, and alcohol as a sugar. So your body puts your immune system on snooze just to metabolize and break down all of these sugars. On the flip side….Guess who loves all of these sugars? Cancer, oh yes, the cancer cell gets empowered when you consume all of this stuff. Focus more on foods that will empower your health such as fruits and vegetables and keep processed type foods as a treat here and there, preferable way over there!

  2. Sleep is not over rated my friends, its a MUST! you need sleep to recuperate both mentally and physically, you need sleep to lose weight, clear your head, and strengthen your immune system. If you can fall asleep within 5 minutes…Your Exhausted! If it takes you up to 15 minutes, your doing pretty good. And if it takes you more than 15 minutes you are stressed and don’t know it. For good quality sleep, you need at least 7 hours, then you need a few dreams, and you need to wake up alive and kicking. If your dragging every morning, I need you to re-evaluate your sleep rituals and fix it. This will make a world of difference in everything you do, I promise!

  3. Coffee and caffeine are false senses of energy that can rip your energy centers and immune system to shreds. We are designed to have plenty of energy throughout the day, of course unless we overdo it with a marathon or two. But never the less we should hold our energy strong. Unfortunately if we survive on caffeine we never really give our bodies a way of recharging on its own. Now, I do have a little trick for you, lets ramp up your fat intake with your coffee to slow down the caffeine in your system – this will actually give you a longer period of energy and hopefully the need for fewer cups of joe. One of the easiest ways of doing this is adding a teaspoon or two of cold pressed coconut oil into your cup – you will never taste it but the health benefits are the best!

The bottom line is that YOU, my friend, are a finely tuned machine! And as with all finely tuned engines you need the right fuel, maintenance, and support to run and perform at your very best day in and day out. You don’t need to stress yourself out and make huge changes over night, but if you can make one change a week, you’ll be feeling like never before and create the strongest force field to keep disease far, far, away!!

Smoothies are a great way to boost up the immune system, CLICK HERE for a few of my favorites

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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