Dessert Anyone?

Did you know that you create your child’s sweet tooth and sweet cravings? This is a tough one because we want our children to experience all the pleasures we can give them, but the question is at what cost? The digestion of sugar and flour inhibit the immune system, so if your child is sick and you give them juice or a cookie, your only prolonging the illness. I want to know who said we need a dessert after a meal! Sugar is directly related to how the brain absorbs information, hyperactivity, and low attention span for both children and adults. Don’t think your off the hook now that your older, as adults our immune system can become inhibited with sugar and, yes, our brain can loose focus and concentration with sugar too.

It’s hard to resist slipping in that cookie or some candy for that wonderful child of ours, but think of it this way – “Your giving your child an education and you want them to absorb everything they can along the way, give them habits that will activate and nourish the brain.” The toddler years develop your child’s tastes and habits, fruit and vegetables give nutrition, not empty calories. So for us adults, we too need to minimize empty calories and reach for things that will nourish us through and through!

CLICK HERE for a few desserts without shame!

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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