Juice or Water??

Life becomes complicated sometimes, juggling the little ones and our own lives. We reach for simple solutions in hopes to provide our family with the best. Juice can be an amazing and nourishing beverage for any one. The challenge is that juice is perfect when it is freshly squeezed and consumed within 5 minutes of squeezing. Why is this so? Juice and fresh fruit contain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Enzymes, being the key factor here – they are the ones that direct all the nutrients to their respected areas and functions of the body. Unfortunately, the wonderful nutrients and enzymes from fruit begin to minimize the longer it sits and the sugars begin to concentrate over time.

What does this all mean? A juice box is basically sugar-water with a few vitamins added in. For the body to digest sugar the immune system is suppressed and valuable nutrients, which could be utilized for brain functions, are used for this digestive process.

Sorry to put a damper on such an easy addition to your families day. Stick with water, the body needs it and you use it all day during play indoors and out. The brain works its best when it is fully hydrated, so not to worry, you’re not short-changing anyone with a drink of water, you’re giving more than you can imagine!

Replace juice with something better, CLICK HERE for a few smoothie recipes recipes to add in

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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