Are you depriving your kids??

We all become parents with an array of influences throughout our lives. We try to make the best decisions for our kids and we want them to enjoy all the things that we enjoyed and a few things we wanted to try. These are our kids and we are their teachers and we become the ones they look up to for guidance as they charge forward in this wonderful world. Why is it that we feel that there are certain foods for our kids, yet we would not serve these foods at a dinner party?

A friend reprimanded me for not giving my child a hot dog and a snow cone; he said I was “depriving my child of the goodness of childhood.” I don’t seem to see it that way; I am in the midst of creating my child’s foundation for health and taste. I am the one who will be responsible for my child’s food habits as they get older – “It will all start from me!” If you want your car to perform at top speeds and to last a lifetime, you treat your car well – you give it the right type of fuel, you change the oil, and you balance and rotate the tires. Its one thing to allow a treat once in a blue moon, but when those treats become an everyday occurrence and it takes your small child into an overweight teenager and an unhealthy adult…and it all started with you.

Your child should be your masterpiece, give them the quality foods that will help them to grow and flourish. Give them what they need for brain development and all of your efforts will shine.

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In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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