Easy Weight Loss Basics for YOU

Weight loss has become a complicated, but yet, lucrative business. Who thought, just about everyone would use a diet plan at some point in their lives? The reality is that weight loss is very simple but YOU have to be willing to make the changes necessary. Lets start with the basics, here are the myths that can get you into trouble:

1. All calories are not equal! 100 calories of pizza is not the same as 100 calories of avocado. Our body runs on calories and it runs even better on calories that provide high amounts of nutrition. Every function of our body, including weight loss, requires adequate nutrition to be efficient and effective. You can not expect permanent weight loss from a simple calorically restrictive program.

2. Hydration is an essential component to weight loss! In order for your body to allow the utilization of fat as energy, the body needs to be properly hydrated at all times. If the body is not properly hydrated it begins to tear down muscle tissue in order to find the hydration needed for a function and then leaves the fat tissue intact….ugggg. Think of it this way, you want your urine to always be clear!

3. Our bodies can break down manufactured or processed foods as easily as fresh fruits or vegetables! Unfortunately NOT, foods in their natural state, hence fruits and vegetables, provide our bodies with enzymes that literally tell our bodies what to do with them. Processed or manufactured foods have NO enzymes so, if not used for immediate energy, they get stored as fat.

4. Foods with zero fat grams are free for the taking! Not so, what the food lable says and what our bodies do with it are two different things. A food can have zero grams of fat but yet can be stored as fat.

5. Chemically enhanced foods are easily digested. Here’s another let down for all of you thinking your doing good by drinking a diet soda or using a sugar substitute. Your body can not separate chemicals from good foods. Instead the chemicals mask the goodness and everything gets stored as fat…can I get another Uggg!

Ok so now let’s make a plan that works for life. Creating good habits for you, your kids, and your family in your day to day food plan will keep everyone healthy and lean, the way your body is designed to be.

1. Minimize processed foods, chemical sweeteners, and preservatives! These things can be an occasional treat but never a main staple to a meal or food plan. Enhance your day to day with nutritious fruits and vegetables, make it your goal to include them in every meal and snack. It’s also a good idea to eat a few raw so that you can benefit from the enzymes they provide.

2. Water is the only thing that provides optimal hydration. Your base should be 8 glasses per day. Add in two more for each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage. It sounds strange but if you look at your urine and it is not perfectly clear, it’s a good indication to drink more water!

3. Eat for nutrition! The more nutritionally dense your foods are, the fewer calories you will actually need in your day. When you start eating with nutrition in mind you’ll realize that you don’t get hungry as often.

4. The goal of food is for health, energy, immune system strength and physical development. It is not for comfort or socialization. If you change your perspective of food, you change your need for food. Your not depriving your self by removing sugar from your diet, your only enhancing your health, so change how you think about your foods and place your focus on nutrition, health, and enhanced immunity.

5. Our bodies need nutrition, quality proteins, and quality fats. Combine this evenly in your day to day food plan and you can’t go wrong.

Permanent weight loss is fairly easy to acquire as long as you make a plan and stick to it. You must realize how long it took you to get where you are at now. Weight loss can happen over night but it will not be permanent, for permanent results you make a plan and stick to it. Your plan should be one that is integrated into your day to day for the rest of your life, they say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Make changes slowly, experiment with different recipes, and find a way to eat that incorporates everything above and you will be just fine, the weight will come off, and you’ll never see it again! Remember ….this is your life, and if you have kids you are setting the stage for their lives also, create habits and tastes that will drive you and your families health to excellence!

Need a little help, reach our to me HERE and Ill get you in gear!

In Peace, Love, and Health, Adita

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