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Every year marks a new era of change, or at least that is what we would all like to think. Ok, so past years have had their challenges, but this year will be different! This is a common theme across the globe, this time let's really look at “why” we allowed anything to get in the way of our health, energy, and love of life. I have two kids, I know it can be tough, but the truth is that YOU are in charge of your schedule, YOU have the power to say No, and YOU are the only one who can make YOU a priority!

So with that said, HEALTH is a combination of 4 things….Food and Nutrition, Rest and Relaxation, Movement and Exercise, and Happiness. There is so much information out there so I have weeded through the "stuff" to pull out just the right nuggets of information that you can easily make changes with and implement it into your day to day.


  1. Carbohydrates that keep you lean come from fruits and vegetables, any and all of them!! On the other hand carbohydrates that up the pounds and make it “oh so” difficult to lose weight come from processed and manufactured foods, even if the food label claims it has “zero grams of FAT”.

  2. Want to feel fuller longer?? Increase your proportion (now, this doesn’t mean PORTION SIZE!) of proteins and quality fats. WHY? Because carbohydrates breakdown and metabolize super easy so you get hungry sooner and it requires more calories to actually feel full. On the other hand, when combined with proteins and quality fats, the calories linger in your system longer to provide energy and satiety for a longer period of time.

  3. TOO MUCH SUGAR WILL SPREAD YOUR MIDSECTION!!!!! But here is the thing….It is not just your typical sugar, this include those food items that your body interprets as SUGAR – SUGAR, FLOUR, DAIRY, and ALCOHOL.

  4. We are responsible for “PROGRAMMING” the idea that our body REQUIRES a certain amount of food. Do you realize that you can live for days without food! Oh yes, but somewhere down the line we were told or became to believe, that without a certain amount of food we will…PERISH. NOT!! For 2018 make it your new mantra to eat to feel SATISFIED not FULL!!

  5. Remember, if something comes with a food label it has been processed or manufactured in some way. Even that little package of cut apples, from a fast food drive thru, can come with an array of chemicals and additives that don’t even need to be added to the ingredient list, but yet the package has a food label!


  1. Yes, life gets crazy, but think of it logically, how can you inspire and motivate others if you are living with a short fuse because you have yet to master a decent night’s sleep. The first half of the night we recover physically and the second half we recover mentally, so make that time count. Sleep is important for energy, motivation, weight loss, and so much more.

  2. Set yourself up for success, when you feel you need a time out…TAKE IT. Even five minutes can make a difference. Meditate, Nap, Read, just do something that you can completely focus on to take you away from your day-to-day, even for a moment in time!

  3. Create “relaxation rituals” as your GO TO during times of stress or exhaustion. I like to write them out in a notebook so that when I am "In The Moment” I can choose something from my book and reset myself for a great day!

  4. Even the smallest of LED lights can disturb a great night’s sleep. Basically, you could be far away in dream land and roll over in bed, and have one of those tiny lights hit your closed eye…Just the light piercing through your closed eye is enough to stimulate your wakeful hormones and disrupt your sleep.

  5. The ability to allow stresses to “fall off your shoulders” and to recover quickly is definitely an “art” but it is one that deserves a place in your life. There is nothing that should “dim your sparkle” or slow down your momentum for living. We allow our sparkle to become dull and dark. Make a plan for living with zest and fulfillment – you have control over all of this, you really do. Take time out of your day to reset yourself, rest, and sleep, this will increase creativity, energize your body, and keep you lean for years to come.


  1. The American College of Sports Medicine stated, a few years back, that we only need 150-300 minutes of exercise per week. The numbers may look large, but they really are not. 150 minutes is for the novice and 300 for the enthusiast. You can break up your minutes anyway you want, so the old standby, of going to the gym for no less than 60 minutes, no longer holds true. You can implement any movements that increase your heart rate and make you sweat in as little as 5 minute increments.

  2. The body is designed to MOVE, by implementing as much movement as possible throughout the day, you will actually require less “structured exercise” to keep your body lean and energized.

  3. Adding 5 minutes of a few exercises every morning already utilized 35 minutes of your weekly requirement. This is as simple as doing squats, lunges, and pushups right after brushing your teeth.

  4. Let’s not minimize STRETCHING AND FLEXIBILITY; these are just as important as the cardio and strength. Without adding in a few key stretches, your body will tighten in ways that may even slow you down. Stretching allows oxygen to penetrate your muscles so that they strengthen and recover faster and better.

  5. When is doubt…Turn on the music and dance your way through whatever time you have available!


  1. A SMILE can be transferred within a second! Think about that next time you see a cranky face in your midst, give a smile and the happy hormones will kick in for you and the person receiving that amazing smile. And guess what; even if they don’t smile back…they still got a dose of the happy stuff.

  2. During our most challenging of times surrounding yourself with your “happy” friends, watching nothing but funny movies, and keeping any “dark clouds” as far away as possible will bring you one step closer to your “happy place”.

  3. When we are happy, our creativity shines! This brings me, what I call, my “Happy High”, that place where I feel inspired, motivated, and unstoppable. We all have this in us, it is about doing the things in our day-to-day that encourage that positive thrill, that big smile, and the positive internal dialog to keep us going.

  4. Take a moment to write out those things that inspire you and make you smile. Keep them close, and when a challenge shows its nasty self, you can bring yourself back to a smile in minutes!

  5. As with all business plans, we can’t make it to our final outcome without a PLAN. If life has you second guessing your path, choices, or inspirations, make a plan of the way you want to live and create the steps to get you there. No one is in charge of your destiny, only YOU are, each and every day you must do something for YOU and bring that smile to the forefront!!

What are Adita’s latest endeavors for 2018,

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Corporate “Lunch and Learn” Events – A healthy work environment can inspire productivity and motivation. Adita brings a flair of creativity to inspire and encourage you and your team to make healthy habits stick, to move with intention, and to creates a lifestyle of health. With a variety of healthy topics available, Adita can create a customized plan to work with your specific group.

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