What Lights you Up?

You read my question right. What lights YOU up? Not what others want of you, what YOU want of you? What is that "thing" that gives you a sense of amazing, positive energy that feels so unstoppable at the time. I call this my "Happy High", it is that thing that keeps me awake late at night, inspired to keep going. It's that thing I feel when I work with clients and groups, that thing that makes me so happy to make a difference.

So I ask you again, what is it that lights you up? It's ok if your not sure, or maybe you didn't know it was a SuperPower we all possess. Now you do! It's time you figure it out, nurture it, and bring it to the forefront. There is something in all of us that feels so amazing and so fantastic that we become driven. Driven to our purpose in life, driven to help those around us become the best they can be.

But that thing is OURS, not what someone wants for us. It is deep within us, it is our very own. No one can give it to us and no one can take it away. The key is to figure it out, think about it. Something you have done, or said, inspired you more than usual, find it. If we live life for others, day in and day out, without any emphasis on our "thing" we simply stay on the hamster wheel of life. Living everyday, concerned with what other people think of us, concerned what they may say, concerned how they will treat us.

The only concern you should have is...How you feel about YOU. what does this have to do with health, you may ask? A lot! When we are inspired, motivated, driven our endorphins kick into high gear, they amp up our immune system, lower our stress, and bring out the joy that is hidden deep within. Health is a balanced combination of exercise and movement, food and nutrition, sleep and relaxation, and happiness.

While you plan your healthy habits, bring your passion, your purpose, your inspiration and prioritize it TODAY. If you're not sure what lights you up, start to journal. Write out your thoughts daily, and somewhere on one of those pages you will see something that sparks a light, and that means you need to give it some importance and a place in your day.

Drudgery should not be part of your day, but PURPOSE, absolutely YES!

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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