SuperPowers of Sleep, 5 Tips for Optimal Sleep

Many of my clients profess that sleep is overrated, "we are going to die anyways, so why waste our time sleeping". Sleep is so much more valuable for our health than you can imagine.

Did you know that you physically recuperate between 10pm and 2am and that you mentally recuperate between 2am and 6am? Yup there is actually something really important happening while we are sleeping.

When it comes to your SuperPowers, sleep is right up there. The goal is to wake up... Fresh and just ready to get up, as opposed to groggy and hating the morning for no reason at all. Here are my top 5 tips to making your slumber more powerful than ever:

1. Your room should be pitch dark, I mean REALLY dark. Every LED light, no matter how small, should be covered (I personally tape cardboard that I get out of my hole puncher, this works like a dream). While you are sleeping, if one of those teeny tiny lights hits your eye, you start to wake up. You may not notice it, you may not even open an eye, but you will notice it when you demand that morning cup of coffee because you are still ohhh sooo tired.

2. Your room should be cold, colder than your daily usual. This makes your body shut down to keep you warm, hence keeping you in a deeper sleep.

3. Shut down the electronics an hour before bed, I hate to say it, but you are not really missing anything that can't wait for the morning. Yet you are keeping your daytime hormones active which makes it harder to get your nighttime hormones to kick in strong. Instead, dust of a REAL book, you remember those, the ones made out of paper, hee hee.

4. Your bedroom should be "your palace of sleep", the place that sleep and only sleep (well, you know what I mean) takes place. So the piles of laundry, the boxes of papers, the computers, and anything else that is not sleep oriented...needs to find a new home. All this extra stuff triggers the mind to work and this should be the one room where relaxation and sleep rule!

5. Work your way down to the perfect slumber by adding in some meditation or a nice cup of "sleepy tea". Relaxation rituals before bed prompt the body for sleep and help to slow down the mind, which in turn slows down the body.

Nighty, Night

PS. With proper sleep our bodies lose weight easier, we think better, and we enjoy our days so much more, just sayin'.

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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