The Veil of Weight Gain

My entire career has revolved around one main theme...weight loss. Clients come to me in all shapes and sizes wanting to trim this, tone that, and lose whatever else bugs them. I come in ready for the challenge, yup you heard right because every client has some challenges, some way.

Diet programs make tons of money keeping you sucked into eat bad, diet, repeat, and keep paying out the money! Do you know that losing weight is 80% food and only 20% exercise? I know, that sounds crazy but it's the truth. And then we have been duped to think that low calorie options trumps good quality foods...NOT!

When I work with my clients and groups, I teach about real food, there is no calorie counting, packaged miracles, or any of the like. And then we get ...REAL!

If you really want to lose permanent weight you have to dig deep into your psyche, you have to figure out the moment that you thought your weren't good enough. I know this sound harsh, but guys, what most people have been doing so far to lose weight IS NOT WORKING. Permanent weight loss is not difficult, the difficult part is to figure out why you feel so entitled to the cupcake, the cheeseburger, the beer, or whatever else you feel so challenged to give up.

Food is fuel! And that is all. The harsh part of all this is that for some reason, at some point in your life you were told that food is love, it's a reward, it's something to give you pleasure and satisfaction. Sorry to burst your bubble but food, my friend, is only loving when you are nourishing your body with high quality foods. If you are choosing low quality options you are actually showing yourself NO real self-love. Oh yes, I said it. I want you to truly love yourself and that love is by fueling your body for excellence. Loving yourself is not giving yourself the OK to overindulge, loving yourself is feeding yourself with foods that will improve your health, make you stronger, and give you the energy you need for an amazing day!

If you spent every day listening to negative talk, negative stories, and negative junk don't you think that you would be super cranky by the end of the day? And if you repeated that day in and day out, your health would probably also take a toll from storing the stress of the negativity. The same thing goes with the foods you put into your body, but for some reason we have been programmed to take the negativity away from the junk foods we choose and for some reason, deep inside, we have come to believe that this is the best and only way for us.

So now take a moment and really think about your relationship to food and to yourself, you can't tell me you are loving to yourself if you are overweight. Better yet, over fat, because we can be overweight with muscle and good habits, but over fat is a different story. If this hits home for you, it's time you change your mind set. If you need a coach, a therapist, or simply a journal, change the way you have been programmed with your relationship to food. Once you master this, dieting will be a thing of the past.

I would love to help, reach out to me if you have any questions.

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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