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Kombucha has become such a trend. There are local companies, national ones, and then there are those of us who have taken on making our own brew.

What is Kombucha you ask, well, basically it is a fermented drink with tons of nourishing properties for the body. I consider this my "soda" but without the chemicals, processed sugars, and all that other icky stuff. Then benefits are numerous and the downsides are few and far between.

Here is my recipe of choice, Enjoy!!

Here's what you'll need

Wooden Spoon

Tongs with that are covered in rubber (you don’t want metal touching the SCOBY)

1 Gallon Glass Jar (I like to use the kind that has a spigot at the bottom for easy pouring)

Cheese Cloth

Rubber Band

Air Tight Bottles for Bottling (this is after it is fermented)

Make it

16 Cups of Filtered Water (1 Gallon)

1 Cup of Organic White Sugar

8 Black Tea Bags ( you could easily replace 2 of the tea bags for green tea if you want)

1 SCOBY (with about a Cup of original Kombucha) You can order these online, grow your own, or call me I might have an extra:).


Bring the water to a boil and stir in the sugar with a wooden spoon, once dissolved add in the tea bags and turn off the heat. Once cooled, remove the tea bags, the tea needs to be completely cooled down before adding in the SCOBY.

Transfer the tea into your Gallon Jar. Next pour in the original Kombucha and then put in the SCOBY with the tongs.

Since the Kombucha needs air to ferment, cover the top with a cheese cloth and use a rubber band to hold it secure.

How Long to Ferment:

2 weeks – still retains it sweetness and is ready to go

Up to 4 weeks, the SCOBY eats up more of the sugar and is less sweet

I recommend tasting it at 2 weeks and then finding the flavor you like.

Kombucha Flavoring:

Once the fermentation process is done, it is time to bottle it. Pour into airtight bottles leaving about 2 inches from the top empty.

Juice up any fruits you want, the juice needs to me made fresh. If this is your first time, strawberries work great. After that you can start experimenting. You don’t need a lot of juice, just a couple of inches from the top.

Leave about ¼- ½ inch from the top empty because of the effervescence that will be formed.

Leave the sealed bottles on the counter for 2-4 days (the longer you leave them the fizzier they will become), then transfer them into the refrigerator for one week and you will be ready to go.

** Be sure to wash out your Gallon Jar after each use. Simply transfer the SCOBY with about a cup of original Kombucha into a bowl. Wash out your jar with organic soap, rinse and dry. Then add back in the SCOBY and the Kombucha and make yourself a new batch.


If the bottles are not air tight your brew may smell like yeast and your brew has gone bad.

If your room is too hot and you brew for too long your initial brew may taste like strong vinegar and the fresh juice will not take that flavor away.

If you keep too many SCOBYS in your batch, the batch may become sour. It is best to only have one SCOBY in your batch.

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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