Food for Pleasure or Food for Fuel?

We are all blessed with this amazing body of ours that produces blood, digests foods, regenerates tissue, and so much more. Every action of our body requires certain vitamins and minerals to carry out this multitude of tasks. It is an incredible machine that is always ready for anything we present it with.

As with any machine, proper maintenance and fuel are the ingredients to keep it running at its high level of performance. Quality fuel provides our body with all the needed nutrients to run at such a level. Our food is our fuel. Food can either provide us with nutrients or rob us of nutrients, it all depends on the caliber of our food choices.

Many people eat simply to get by, they just need the calories to continue their day. Unfortunately calories are only a small part of what is needed by our body to perform. Did you know we need 98 vitamins and minerals? Not necessarily at one sitting, but they all have specific job duties such as repair, energy, and growth. When we ingest high calorie, low nutrient foods we tend to need more calories, not because we need the calories but because our body is looking for the nutrients. This leaves us with low energy and extra pounds.

Most of us have learned that food is reward, entitlement, pleasure, or simply a means of escape. This leads to weight gain and dieting challenges for life. The only way around this is to re-program our brain to identify food as FUEL. Change our choices to those that offer us all the nutrients we need on a day to day basis by focusing on nutrients as opposed to calories.

Next time that cupcake is staring you in the face, give yourself self-love, not by eating it but by sending it away from you. You deserve foods that will empower your health and your energy. At the same time, take a good look at your weight, your health, and your energy, are they were they should be? Only you can answer that, but if you're not where you think you should be... stay away from the cupcake, or any other food that robs your body of nutrients. Food is fuel, keep the rewards and pleasures to fun adventures with the family or a day at the beach!

With Peace, Love, and Health,


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