Taking the Leap of Health

Did you know we should be waking up ready to start the day, enjoying each minute, eating foods in their natural state, moving the body as much as possible, and smiling and laughing more than 200 times a day? Wow, that would be amazing, but that is also the foundation for great health and longevity. This is what I preach and what you should strive for, you need a balanced combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and happiness to make yourself the "rock star" of health. This is how SuperPowers flourish.

When you wake up ready to go right back to sleep, you have not had a deep recuperative sleep and that is what sleep is for. Your body physically recovers the first half and mentally recovers the second half. If you wake up groggy how do you expect your brain to be sharp as a whip. You may think you have it all going on, but the reality is you don't really know if you could be feeling even better, if your mind could be sharper, and your energy more powerful, all because you have never really experienced it. I know this sounds out there, but think about it. If right now you think you are healthy, energized, and mentally over the top...what if you could be better than that??

On that same note, you have to move your body, lift heavy things, and increase your heart rate every day. This is what our bodies are intended for. This works hand in hand with the other 3 components for amazing health. Now, does this mean you have to go to the gym every day, not really, housework, gardening, home improvements, can all fall into this movement category. The idea is to MOVE, LIFT, PUSH, etc., etc.

Now, for all of this to work, you need FUEL. Notice I didn't day food, I said fuel because it is that "thing" that feeds and nourishes your body to be strong, to go beyond your norm. The challenge is to take your foods out of the category of comfort, socialization, and pain and simply utilize and choose them for quality premium FUEL.

Then lastly, with all of these amazing components, we have to be happy. We have to live our life with JOY, PURPOSE, and LOVE. I call it my "happy high" that feeling I feel when I help a client, inspire a student, or simply know that I have done something to serve others. Now, I am not talking about serving others while we forget ourselves, I am talking about living with PURPOSE, doing the things that light you up each and every day without tearing you down or living with the feeling that you HAVE to do things as opposed to wanting to. You control all of this, you create it, and then you ENJOY it.

So next time you wake up groggy and dreading your feet coming out of the covers, think about your motivation, your WHY. Life has so much to offer, but we need to be at our full best to master our SuperPowers and to live with purpose. Your health and your habits will affect your day, if you notice or not, just think about it.

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