5 Key Ingredients to a Healthy Household

Health is composed of so much more than exercise and nutrition. Health is a state of mind, an attitude, and a few great habits to keep it going strong. As I delve into everything healthy and coach my clients to success, there are five things that seem to always surface:

1. Cell phones, I realize we all have a phone and it is part of our day to day, but it doesn't have to be part of our sleep as well. Keep it far from your bed! The rays that travel through space and time do not need to be present while you sleep. Actually several studies correlate mind fog and learning challenges with cell phones right next to the bed. Think of it, 8 hours or so with this stuff transmitting all around you. Opt for a good night sleep and leave it in another room.

2. Clean out your pantry every year. However strange this may sound, intentionally go in there and get rid of the outdated, unhealthy, and useless things that are taking up prime real estate in your pantry. Your pantry is your FUEL CLOSET, let it be filled with items that empower your health at all times.

3. Reevaluate your cleaners, there are chemicals all around us and we don't need to add anyextral ones into our world. The perfect scenarios is to decrease them as much as you can in those areas that you control. Your home is one of those areas so become more conscientious as to what you use to clean. Did you know that white vinegar kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses, combine that with baking soda and you have a super cleaner for the entire home.

4. unplug, UnPlug, UNPLUG! You are surrounded my so many LIVE people and places, amazing events, entertainment, and experiences to learn. Unless you have an emergency to stay vigilant about or something of the such, experience the world around you first. It is challenging enough with the type of addictive behavior that is brought about by an electronic devise, but then there are the EMF's that can lead to cancer as well as a myriad of other conditions. On our quest to everything healthy, lets decrease these exposures and use our electronic devices in a better way and when truly needed.

5. Move your body, lift heavy things, and break a sweat as often as you can. Recognize I didn't say go to the gym, I said MOVE! We all have our schedules of stuff, let movement be a part of your day to day, incorporate it wherever you can. This in combination with a structured exercise program will increase you health, strength, and energy. A lot of positives and no negatives, so get a move on!!

Your health is that one commodity that you have full control over, go for a profit! Take your health seriously, do what you can to naturally increase your energy and boost your immune system. Everything you do today will affect you tomorrow, so choose a few health enhancers and call it a day!

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