Better Foods, Better Workouts

Have you ever stopped to think about how wonderful and energized you feel? And let's take that a step forward, if you think you feel great right now, do you think that there is something even better than that? If you are like most, I just stumped you. We all have those days that we feel "pretty darn awesome" but don't you think that should be most of our days? And what if AWESOME could be better?

Certain foods ramp up our energy and certain foods slow us down. Many times we don't see the need to change our current eating pattern because we feel great. Let's take that one more step forward, if you eat Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Drink Alcohol, your energy centers are not working at their very best. If you feel good now, but you typically indulge in bread, yogurt, beer and more, you could actually feel better with a few changes.

And taking this one more level, if you enjoy that cup of coffee and other caffeinated treats throughout the day, they too can be slowing you down. I realize this sounds out there, but just bear with me.

Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol are all treated as a sugar once they enter our bodies. As we all know sugar gives us a false sense of energy, and then we fall. Caffeine does the same thing. One of the biggest challenges I have with clients is showing them how they have been falsely stimulating their energy throughout the day by using these as snacks and such.

Now imagine this, eating and drinking throughout the day to support your energy centers. This means your body would naturally give you energy without those dreaded slumps we get here and there. All of those processed goodies, even the organic multi-grain ones actually steal energy from our bodies to breakdown and metabolize them.

If you focus on High Nutrition treats from Fruits and Vegetables and Un-Processed Grains, your body doesn't have to work as hard and all of those nutrients will naturally enter and feed your system. Next time you want to reach for a processed energy bar, realize that the energy you receive will be short-lived. Instead, grab a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts or a piece of chicken in a lettuce wrap and go make your workout better than ever!

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