All Sugars are NOT Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why your belly seems to get the brunt of most of your weight challenges?

Abdominal fat is the accumulation of too many sugars in your daily food plan. WHAT? Yup, but here is the thing, it's not just table sugar, it is sugar, flour, dairy, and alcohol. Your body interprets all of these as a sugar.

Now, it doesn't even matter if you choose the most organic cracker with ZERO grams of fat, your body still has the right to treat it as a sugar and store it all around your midsection.

We all need a certain amount of sugar for brain function and energy. So think of it this way, totally hypothetical but if you needed 20 grams of sugar to read this blog and continue on in your day but you ate 50, 30 grams of sugar is useless gets STORED!!!

A typical client comes to me with a breakfast of coffee with cream and sugar, toast with jam, and juice. This is all sugar!

If you want to lean down the belly fat, it is important to minimize those sugars, focus more on fresh fruits and veggies as your main carbohydrate source, and balance them out with quality proteins and fats.

This will stabilize your energy and lean down your mid-section with style!

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