The Fitness of Everyday Activities

The human body was designed to move, and move a lot! But here we are in an age where convenience is queen and the easier things can flow, the better.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help our bodies in the least, it actually weakens our bones and adds to the exhaustion that we pile on to our day.

Think of movement as the lubricant of our joints, it keeps our muscles supple and our circulation running at top speed. Incorporating movement into our daily lives helps in so many ways.

Ideally, you want to encourage your heart rate to go up and your body to sweat. Simple things like parking far away at the mall, carrying heavy grocery bags and even doing housework can add to your fitness level on a day to day basis.

We all get a bit lazy but when we add in more movement we can actually energize our bodies. I realize it sounds crazy, but yes you can add energy to your body by moving it more. It might be an effort for some but when you get yourself in the habit and break through the dread, you will feel so much better, stronger, with SuperPowers at full throttle.

Now GO and make it happen!!

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