Inflammation Overload

I find it curious how every product on the market, be it good, bad, or indifferent, comes with an array of solutions or contraindications. The challenge is that many times it never truly addresses the root cause of the issue or challenge.

With that said, the latest buzzword is…Inflammation. It seems to be the cause of so many physical challenges, yet the root cause is hardly ever addressed.

Think of inflammation, just as it sounds, it is the bodies way of protecting itself from something by causing areas of the body to "swell". What most people don't realize is that the swelling can be HUGE or it can be microscopic, and sometimes that microscopic stuff is the one that causes the most discomfort.

Clients of mine will come to me with an entire host of suggestions from friends and families as to how they need to address that inflammation. Things to eat and things not to eat, but what about lifestyle?

If we are stressed, frustrated, or even angry, our body will produce inflammation as a defense mechanism. So you could be eating the perfect food plan and still be challenged. If you have been following my #SUPERPOWERS articles and posts you know that I am a HUGE proponent of taking care of YOU, first and foremost. We get so caught up in the hamster wheel of life that our needs get thrown on to the back burner.

Inflammation can lead to so many challenging health issues that it is imperative to address your "stuff" sooner than later. No one, and I mean no one, is giving you that stress, anger, or frustration. You feel this way because this is the way you have chosen to deal with or interpret a situation. I am telling you this from first-hand experience.

So here is the thing, stay away from the processed foods, eat more fruits and veggies, make quality a priority for your foods, and avoid inflammation by finding new ways of dealing with your thoughts, emotions, and the stuff that others throw your way. Focus on you, your feelings and your health. You have this control, the key is to prioritize all of those things that make you feel amazing each and every day.

You can take a pill for inflammation but if you don't delve deep and grow from your stresses, that pill will only serve as a band-aid and will not truly cure what ails you!

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