A Mothers Day Special Just for YOU...SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness

Like the title? This is the name of my book which came out last year. It has been an amazing journey for me to write about the things I love...Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Happiness. These are also the primary ingredients to amazing health.

But as a busy mom of 2, I had to factor in a few more things. Multi-tasking at my pace and the pace of so many of my friends is a feat among itself. We have so much to do, people to inspire, and many times our needs get thrown to the back of the line.

SuperPowers was written by me with love to all of you amazing women who place way too much on your plate. I wanted to share with you the easiest and quickest techniques to amplify your health among all of the chaos of your day.

In this book, you are going to receive my best recipes ever, easy to implement exercise routines, the top zen rituals that help me even-out my energy, and so much more. I have included worksheet and handouts to make all of this a fun and inspiring journey for yourself.

Life can get a bit out of hand at times. You have to place your health first and foremost so that you can use your SuperPowers to inspire and motivate everyone in your world. I am here to help you navigate through this as easily as possible.

Are you looking for that perfect Mother's Day Gift? Order your copy directly from me for $20 and I will happily sign something special inside and provide you with a FREE 30 min. consultation.

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