Stop the Yo-Yo, 5 Tricks for Permanent Weight Loss

How many diets will it take?

I have recently written a lot about this subject because I am constantly coaching individuals who have dieted ...ALL OF THEIR LIVES!

Please Stop!

You are an amazing person, unfortunately, you have chosen food as your drug of choice. All you have to do is admit that, and then commit to change. You will not starve, I promise.

Dieting over and over again places your body into a starvation defense mode. Ready to kick, or better yet, fill your booty with anything it can get.

So, are you ready to lose it once and for all?

Here are my 5 tricks to permanent weight loss. I say permanent because this really should be a one time deal!

1. Food is fuel and what your body is starving for is nutrients, not calories. Feed yourself nutritionally dense foods that are in their natural state. In other words, stay away from manufactured or processed foods. Use these for emergency purposes only.

2. Carbohydrates should NEVER be eaten alone. Eat them with high-quality protein and fats so that you stay fuller for a longer period of time. This will force you to need fewer calories.

3. Your carbohydrates should PRIMARILY come from fruits and vegetables. Leave the Sugar, Flour, Dairy, and Alcohol to minimal use, special occasions only, under direct supervision from someone who really cares about your well being.

4. Drink a ton of WATER. Water helps to move the fat cells into your system to be utilized for energy. If you are dehydrated the body will choose to tear up muscle tissue instead. 8 glasses of water as your base and add in two more for anything caffeinated or alcoholic!

5. Feed your body like a finely tuned engine. You are a SuperPower Machine, don't allow others to sway you for convenience or satisfaction, eat for PERFORMANCE!

The ONLY person responsible for your body and health is YOU. So, starting today, make the right choices to enhance your health, amp your energy, and leave those fat pounds behind.

With Love and Light,


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