Enough is Enough!

Can you believe that 2019 is just around the corner? So my question to you is simple...Did you accomplish what you wanted to this year for your health and wellbeing?

Most people I deal with do not prioritize themselves, you watch, the new buzzword for 2019 is going to be "self care". Now that I have thrown it out there, you're going to start hearing it everywhere!

So as a means of helping you reach your goals and really make a change, a permanent one, I have a few special opportunities for YOU.

1. SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness - Have you purchased my NEW book yet. I wrote it with so much love for all of my multi-tasking crazy friends that need a bit more self care in their lives. I wrote it with super easy techniques to bring in exercise, great food, relaxation, and even a few giggles into your day to day. If not for you, maybe for a friend or relative.

Buy it TODAY and email me the receipt number and I will give you access to my 5 top home workout videos, and a 30 minute consultation via phone or skype with me (that is a $200 value). CLICK HERE to purchase, and send me an email to let me know - info@AditaLang.com.

2. For those of you with children, My Nutritional Brilliance Program is where it is at!! Here I teach you everything you need to know to "Grow an Adult from Scratch". What you feed your littles ones, and that does include teenagers as well, has a huge impact on brain development and growth, immune support, mental clarity, and focus. This is an online education program that you will have access to forever (it even has an app). It comes with a book, video classes, recipes, meal prep techniques, picky eater strategies, and so much more.

For a FREE Intro Class CLICK HERE.

If you like the FREE intro. and want the full program, I am offering you a 30% discount plus a FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or skype with me (this is a $200 value) CLICK HERE to register and put in coupon code: HOLIDAYSPECIAL

This year make changes to amplify the health of you and your family, life gets crazy but self care means self love and inspiration to all of those around you. Make it happen, and always feel free to reach out to me if you get stuck or have a question, I am here to help!!!

Love and Light,


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Adita Lang works with individuals and groups to maximize their health through exercise and nutrition, both through Coaching and Public Speaking. Feel free to email me: info@AditaLang.com

For recipes, and more visit me at www.AditaLang.com

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