Self Love and Self Care for your SuperPowers of LOVE!

When I was younger, if you did things for yourself you were considered selfish. The challenge is that we somehow managed to take care of so many others and forgot about ourselves. This is the year of self-love, no self-judgments, simply taking good care of ourselves.

I became a mom over 12 years ago, the most blessed journey I have ever taken. But with all the change, discomfort, love, and empathy that has taken place, nothing has changed me as much as learning to love and care for ME. No one will take care of you as well as you need and deserve but YOU. OK, so there are those who may judge you and call you selfish, it's time to ignore those fools and make yourself a priority.

There's no way to inspire and encourage those around us if we are not at our very best. We can try, and we can multi task like no bodies business but at some point we will crash and burn and it won't be pretty. We are pulled in so many directions in one day and the thought of setting aside dedicated time to our needs seems ridiculous. For whatever reason, this is a perception that we have placed in our minds that really has no merit.

We are the ones who know exactly what will make us feel better and what will recharge our energy like never before. So it's only logical that we make the time for it once and for all. I have to be honest, I once thought that taking 30 minutes or more for myself would result in pure chaos, totally wrong, not much really gets messed up. Even 60 minutes here and there won't cause a natural disaster.

No matter if you are a parent, business executive, entrepreneur or diva, you are amazing, but you would be even more amazing with a few dedicated minutes to something that made you feel refreshed and relaxed, a great book, a massage, or even and afternoon off. Only you know what will do it for you. When I work with my clients I help them with, what I call, Relaxation Rituals.

Take a notebook, a stylish one, and on each page I want you to write one thing that you love doing. Mine says drink tea, read, paint my nails, etc. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so for the next 21 days I want you to open that book every day when you know you have a bit of free time (don't get crazy, even 5 minute will do). You are randomly opening the book, so whatever page it lands on is what you will do for that time that you have. And if you get another bout of free time that day, do it again. Keep doing it until you make it a habit, get yourself to the point where you actually schedule something amazing for yourself in your calendar every day.

Self Care is the new buzzword for 2019, enjoy it, make it happen, and if anyone questions you simply tell them you have a meeting at that time - no one needs to know your secret!

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