We have great intentions, we enjoy our day to day, but for some reason self-love challenges us. Why?

You are really only responsible for one person and that is you. I realize you are thinking about your kids, partner, family members and more, but at the end of it all you have to be fulfilled, happy, healthy, inspired, and motivated to inspire and motivate everyone around you.

It serves no one if you are tired, diseased, fragile, unhealthy, and simply in a slump. You are no good to anyone this way. Self love is so much more than sleeping in here and there, it's about taking care of YOU from the inside out. Your good food choices nourish you and give you healthy love, your poor choices can lead exhaustion, diseases, and weight gain. That is totally NO FUN!

February is all about love and first and foremost that love should go straight to you so that you can then share the best parts of you with others. A simple smile on your face can brighten up the dullest of days for someone else.

What have you done for yourself lately? Every day, you should do one thing special for yourself, not to mention creating a food plan that provides the best quality foods and creating an activity schedule to keep your muscles strong and your heart pumping.

It's as easy as adding in colorful fruits and/or vegetables to every meal and snack. Ramp up your water intake to flush out toxins and keep the body fully hydrated. Then add in small bits of activity throughout your day to keep your metabolism working at all times.

You deserve the very best foods, the body moving, and setting aside bits of time for enjoying the things that you enjoy!

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With Peace, Love, and Health,


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