Taking It One Day at a Time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Who doesn’t in this day and age? Life is on a fast pace 24/7, and we can’t seem to feel settled at any given time. Not to mention that we have true commitments between work, family, and life. Then you add in the fact that you should exercise, eat right, and sleep like a million bucks and guess who becomes overwhelmed?

This pace is not sustainable and the only person who can taper it down is YOU. I know you are reading this telling me that I have no idea how crazy your life is and that there simply is no space to add in one more thing but listen to yourself for a moment…you have no more space to add anything else into your day, what happens the day you catch a cold or worse.

Our busyness is all self-imposed, if we cannot manage to take moments of time for ourselves, life will pass you by and the next thing you know your body will bring you to a stop simply because you never saw any of the cues and just didn’t listen. Your body knows what is best for you, the key is to listen.

Adding in healthy habits can be as simple as adding in a few more glasses of water into your day, walking the stairs, or making better choices at a restaurant. The key is to make the changes in small increments and take it one day at a time.

In my career I have noticed when individuals reach that turning point, where they decide a change has to happen. It is usually when a friend or family member has had a big scare; “oh, don’t I wish it would kick in sooner than that”. The challenge occurs when they want to change it all overnight; this doesn’t work, won’t work, and definitely won’t last. It’s when you recognize your bad habits and make the commitment to change one at a time, when you actually have a chance to see it through.

So if you want to really commit to making the changes and making them stick let’s start with the basics first, one day at a time:

1. Drink your water

2. Be sure every meal and snack has carbohydrates from fruits and veggies, protein, and quality fats

3. Minimize your sugars – it is no longer just sugar, it’s sugar, flour, dairy, and alcohol. Ideally you only want 0-1 per meal and snack so choose it wisely.

4. Add in extra movement into your daily tasks – that old adage to park further away, walk the stairs, etc. has some powerful benefits to your health. We need 150-300 minutes of activity per week, the beauty of that is that it doesn’t need to be consecutive, so that 5 minute walk up the stairs and the three extra minutes to the car…COUNTS! I see too many people shortchanging themselves by saying they don’t have 30 minutes to exercise, so they will do nothing instead, sorry to say but the three minutes up the stairs is better than nothing, just sayin’.

5. Inspire yourself every day – You heard me, read, listen, do something that makes you feel amazing every day. We cannot depend on others to “light our flame”, you have to make it happen, and then just think of all the goodness you can share with others. When we feel our best, everything else is easier. Even during the worst of times you can change your day to become the best ever, you have that power!

The next time you feel frazzled and overwhelmed, take a step back, even if it is for the shortest of minutes and start to implement a few new habits to make your day empowering for your energy and your health, life will move smoother this way, just sayin'.

With Peace, Love, and Health,


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