Are you counting calories, macros, and so much more?

Authorities have encouraged us to count just about everything on the quest for ultimate health. If you feel the urge to count something, start counting CHEMICALS if you really want to be healthy.

Manufacturers have become ingenious, hiring all these specialist that create flavors, stop mold, and keep the foods fresh way past your lifetime. The chemical cocktails that are placed in our foods slow down our brain, make us fat, and encourage more disease than you can imagine.

Food Additive Uses and Health Concerns

Foods in their natural, unaltered state, offers us the highest nutrition, the least amount of calories, and serve a health purpose for the body.

The ONLY time you need to count calories is when your food plan include manufactured and processed foods. These are the ones that will add weight to your body.

When foods are manufactured and/or processed they lose some of their initial nutrients, and they also lose their enzymes. These enzymes, in particular, allow the body to breakdown and digest all the wonderful nutrition that they provide. These guys are really important, but they are only available in raw foods or foods cooked at a temperature of less than 105 degrees.

When you have food that has been altered in any way, manufacturers have to add in preservatives, colors, and anything else to "tantalize your taste buds". Let alone, you really won't digest it the right way, so most of it will be stored as fat, even though it claims to have zero grams of fat.

Ugh, this food thing can become complicated it you let it.

Keeping to simplicity, foods in their natural, unaltered state provide you with the best of the best. This is something that a manufacturer can not replace with chemicals or synthetic derivatives. Next time you decide you need to count something to enhance your health, weight, and well being, count the chemicals going in, and work on minimizing them as much as you can. The changes in your health will be seen for a lifetime.

Here's to your Health!


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