Boosting your Immune System with Supplements or Food?

The human body is designed to work with over 95 vitamins and minerals per day. This assures that every function of our body is working as its intended purpose. Supplements are designed to provide us the needed vitamins and minerals that we are not receiving or absorbing from our foods. Vitamins and minerals are also the gate keepers of our immune system and maintaining the right amount of nutrients assures us that our defenses are nourished and ready to go.

Supplementation can be very confusing, and expensive. Choosing the right options between food and supplementation can make life so much easier. Here's my top 5 tips for making the right choices for you and your family to boost your immune system and so much more:

Overall Supplements

The first thing to keep in mind... avoid randomly taking an alphabet's worth of supplements without knowing what you really need! Our bodies are intelligent, if we take things unnecessarily, it automatically disposes of them, rather than storing for future use. Having your health professional perform a blood test can tell you specifically what you need, what you have, and what you are not absorbing. From here, you start with more nutrient dense foods and then add in the specific supplement that's needed, when your food choices aren't cutting it.


I do love a raw plant-based protein powder

. This means that there are no synthetic derivatives or add-ons, it's simply pulverized raw nuts and seeds that create a powder of protein. This is useful when making a smoothie or as a means of adding in enough protein to keep you satiated for your day. Not to mention, that protein is in charge of repair. When you are feeling under the weather or fighting an illness, protein becomes a vital part of your recovery, "just keep that in mind!"


Gut bacteria can always use a little supplementing. Unfortunately, with all the antibiotics we've taken in a lifetime, processed foods, and maybe a bit too much alcohol, our gut bacteria needs a boost of specific nutrients to keep it strong. Unless you are a fan of fermented foods, you may not be bringing in enough of the good bacteria to keep your it strong. All the nutrients of your foods are absorbed through the gut. Here's where your immune system gets its rush of nutrition, so if your gut isn't nourished in the right way, neither is your immune system.

Fish Oils

Brain food and our bodies primary defense against inflammation! For children, it feeds the brain for growth and learning. For us adults, it keeps the brain strong enough so that we don't lose our keys and can always find our way back home. Plus it reduces inflammation inside of our bodies which helps to reduce disease. Essential fatty acids are commonly found in raw seeds and nuts, wild caught salmon, and several other delicacies. Many times this isn't enough, adding in a good quality fish oil can never hurt, plus it helps with inflammation and lubricating the joints for pain free workouts and a disease free body.

Vitamin C

Number one on the immune boosting list is...Vitamin C. Adding in vitamin C rich foods, such as oranges, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cilantro, and so many more, is your first line of defense. During cold and flu season, adding a supplement, plus your foods, can boost immunity even more. Overall, maintaining a diet rich in vitamin C right foods will keep your immune system ready for anything.

Food is fuel, it should offer us all the vitamins and minerals needed for every function our body performs in a day. Although I am not a fan of supplements, they do serve their purpose, which is not to fix a bad diet, but to enhance our health in the areas that are struggling nutritionally. Overall, our goal is to live with abundant energy, a healthy body, a radiating smile, and an immune system that is always ready for battle!

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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