Getting Rid of the Covid 19 (lbs), 6-Week Guide to Weight Loss

Updated: Jun 16

It has been a crazy few months, and if you are like many, the stress threw you off and made the cookies more appealing than usual. I get it, some of you worked out like champions with your free time and others caught up on some movies, snacks and more.

Well, not to worry, it’s time to get you back on track. Actually, a little better than your norm, do you know why? Well, as things are going, we are going to end up with another run of this thing, so your goal should be weight loss, a strong immune system, and overall health.

For the next 6-weeks, let’s get you on track. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you live on celery sticks and gallons of water, but we are going to fine tune some of your current habits and make them change your health for the better.

Are you ready? Here goes…

First, write out everything you have been eating for the next 7 days and PLEASE include a weekend. Be honest, this is about getting you on a better food plan.

Week-One: Take out a PINK highlighters and highlight your food log with anything that metabolizes as a SUGAR – that is sugar, flour, dairy, and alcohol. Your goal is zero to one pink per meal and snack. Next circle every glass of water. Your goal is 8 glasses per day and 2 extra for anything caffeinated or alcoholic. Work on fixing both of these this week.

Week-Two: Take a GREEN highlighter and highlight all fruits and vegetables. Your goal is one green per meal and snack. Next up, EXERCISE… let’s call this activity. Activity is anything that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat. If you already have a schedule, great, if you don’t let’s start by adding in 10 minutes per day. Try one of my YouTube videos HERE. Work on keeping up with Week-One and implementing what you have learned in Week-2.

Week-Three: For this one, you need a YELLOW highlighter. You will highlight everything that is PROTEIN in yellow. Your goal is one yellow with every meal and snack. Next, it’s time to add in 5 more minutes of activity per day. Keep in mind that the time of activity does not need to be consistent so you could start your day with 5 minutes of squats and lunges and then later take a 10-minute walk. Keep yourself up to date from the previous weeks and add in your new tips!

Week-Four: You are a ROCKSTAR for making it this far. OK, let’s start off with a new food log, write it all down and let’s use the highlighters as stated above. Well… how did you do? If you are not as pleased as you wanted to be, don’t worry, go back to week one and start again. If you are right on track, it's time to step it up a notch. I want you to start to see how you feel before and after a meal so that we can fine tune what you are eating. So…if you get to a meal or snack and you are FAMISHED, then you may need more protein or fat – GOOD QUALITY, by the way! This does not mean to add more food, what it means is to remove some from one category and add into the other. If, for example, you have been having toast, jam, and juice for breakfast with one egg, and you noticed you are famished at lunch, then take away the jam and juice, and add another egg. As for exercise, it’s time to bump it up a notch, add in 5 more minutes per day, during any part of your day – “I’m not picky”.

Week-Five: This week is a bit different. Keep with the food and exercise you have been doing, and let’s focus on sleep and stress. Are you waking up rested and ready to go? If not, you may not have enough deep sleep cycles. Be sure your room is pitch dark and colder than the normal. Also, program the display settings of all of your electronic devices to go on Night Shift by 5 pm to 7 am. The screen will turn slightly yellow, no big deal, but this removed the blue light. The blue light stimulates you AWAKE, and we definitely don’t need that. As for STRESS, you need a game-plan for those moments when you are overwhelmed or frazzled. Mine is a great cup of tea or a book, what is yours? Write that down and make it your go-to solutions during these times. For more tips you can check out my book SuperPowers, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness (for all of you guys reading this, sorry I wrote the book for women, but it applies to men as well)

Week-Six: Are you on point? This is where you need to check in with yourself. No one is responsible for YOU, but YOU. The brain is a funny thing, and for whatever reason it's soooo good at making us change our minds, focus on things we don’t need, and derail us in the wackiest of ways. By this point you should be having zero to one sugars per meal and snack, at least one protein per meal and snack, at least one fruit or vegetable per meal and snack, and 8 plus glasses of water per day. Not to mention, let’s bump up the “activity” to 30 minutes per day and make sure we are challenging our heart rate for those minutes.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about habits. As with any change, there's a bit of discomfort at the beginning but once you have your groove you will be good to go. We are living in some strange times right now, but keeping your health as a priority and boosting your immune system will keep you ahead of the game every time!

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