Healthy Holiday Cheat Sheet

Holidays are filled with great times with family and friends; these are the times to cherish. Unfortunately, these are also the times to overindulge, pack on the pounds, and take our energy from feeling great to just getting by. For some reason we have decided that "New Years Resolutions" will solve all our cheats for the year.

There's a better way, take charge of your health all year and when the holidays come make the right provisions to get away with a slight cheat here and there. Here are my top tips for making this holiday season a kick start to an amazing New Year:

1. Load up on protein. Oh yes, protein takes longer to digest and will make you fuller faster and for a longer period of time. This way there's less room and desire for all those sugary treats.

2. Avoid arriving to the party HUNGRY. Eat a snack or meal loaded with quality protein and fat before you head out the door. I know this sound counter-intuitive, but this way you are less likely to overindulge on the bad stuff and you will stay content just tasting a bit.

3. Food and exercise keep your metabolism shining, I know your schedule is tight during the holidays but mixing in a few squats here and some push-ups there will SuperCharge some extra calorie burning power and the need for extra treats. Like the old adage says...park further away and get in as much walking as you can.

4. Drink TONS of water, when you are hydrated you burn more fat during your cardio moments and you fill yourself up so that you can enjoy tasting the pie without eating the entire thing.

5. Sugar, flour, dairy, and alcohol all break down and metabolize as a sugar, so choose one with each meal, only one! If you want the pie you can’t have the cream sauce or wine, you make the choice and make it a good one.

Overindulging has no real positive affect. It will add extra body fat, reduce your energy, and leave you wondering why you did it on January 2nd. Why not take January by storm and start the year feeling great, this way you will feel better than that on January 3rd!

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SuperPowers, A Busy Woman's Guide to Health and Happiness is a good one for any multi tasking female needing to slip in a few healthy habits without disrupting their day.



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