New to the Gym? Here's my Top Tips to Make it Worthwhile

The beginning of the year always tends to bring in a fresh excitement around the gym. Those who have never thought of entering the realm of weights and cardio become inspired by the possibilities of starting fresh and making changes.

When that big day arrives, the anticipation soon diminishes, the chiseled physiques, the massive amount of equipment, and amazing buzz of hundreds of workouts taking place at once can create chaos in the most tranquil of minds.

So how do you hang in there, here are my Top Tips to make it easier than you think:

1. Take a few deep breaths – there is a lot going on around you, I know. Take a deep breath and use your breath to dictate the rhythm of your movements on the gym. In other words, if you are doing, say, bicep curls; you would inhale during one portion of the move and exhale on the other. Do this with all your exercises, it will make them feel more meditative, it will slow down your movements, and will actually give you several training benefits at the same time.

2. Move your focus from what is going on around you to how you will feel once it is all over. That’s right, some of the best goals focus more on the feeling you will receive once you reach that goal, as opposed to what is happening at the moment. Exercise will give you more energy, a lean body, and some added strength while doing your day to day tasks. Relish in the excitement of reaching those feelings and the overwhelm of the gym will fade away.

3. No need to do it all in one day. Give yourself credit for getting started, simply showing up. A handful of exercises is a great way to start, break down the room into segments and work on one segment a day until you feel like you own the room. After meeting a few people and getting better acquainted with what’s in the facility, working out will seem easier each day.

4. Take a friend – Health and fitness has more benefits than anything. You have made the commitment to go so avoid letting a bit of fear stand in your way. When in need, bring in a friend or two. A bit of socialization,in the unknown, will make the transition so much smoother. Together you can maneuver the machines, figure out the buttons, and encourage each other to succeed.

5. Last but not least, train with intention! We typically go in and either follow someone doing an exercise or move the weights around in hopes of doing it right. When you concentrate on a movement, secure your form, and squeeze the muscles while you do the movement, the exercise benefits are so much more. The slower you move, with more intention, the quicker the results.

If this is your first time taking exercise seriously, bravo! The body is designed to move, to be strong, and to provide as much oxygen as the lungs will allow. All of this is a GREAT thing, so find the type of exercise you enjoy and make it a fun part of your day as opposed to a chore.

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